From mW to >100 kW, from UV to Mid-IR, CW and pulsed, IPG lasers address a wide range of industrial, medical, scientific, telecom, entertainment, military and other applications. We offer continuous wave fiber lasers, quasi-cw fiber lasers, pulsed fiber lasers from μs to fs, high power and high brightness diode lasers, and Mid-IR hybrid fiber-to-bulk lasers.
Laser Systems
IPG manufactures laser machining tools for both high power macromachining and micromachining materials processing applications. We integrate industry's best lasers with high precision motion systems, custom optics, beam switches, processing heads and software.
Beam Delivery
IPG manufactures a complete suite of optical beam delivery components including delivery of fiber optics, collimators, beam couplers, switches and sharers, and processing heads, as well as process control and tooling solutions.
IPG Photonics provides laser components to medical OEMs and integrators, offering a broad range of parameters in highly efficient and reliable IPG modules and platforms. IPG Medical provides turnkey laser medical systems and laser solutions for development and manufacturing of medical systems, as well global service and support of medical laser systems.
IPG Photonics manufactures various laser components including packaged pump diodes, fiber Bragg gratings, volume Bragg gratings, acousto-optic modulators, Mid-IR laser crystals, LBO crystals and laser chillers.
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