semiconductor laser applications  

Tool makers and high-volume chip and display manufacturers continually develop advanced equipment and processes to enable their industries to achieve ever greater chip and display functionality, compact packaging and reduced power consumption at lower cost. Leading edge equipment manufacturers integrate lasers for critical applications such as lithography and ultrashort anneal to allow extremely rapid throughput and provide process defect control enabling sustainably high yield. Selective material removal and new flexible substrates add complexity to traditional manufacturing processes within the industry. IPG remains at the forefront of these technological advances within the semiconductor industry with a range of laser products and integrated machining systems uniquely configured for each application.

IPG Photonics manufactures cost effective nanosecond pulsed fiber lasersultrafast pulsed fiber lasers, continuous wave fiber lasers and fully-automated laser processing workstations covering wavelengths ranging from IR to UV which meet the most stringent semiconductor industry requirements. 

Applications covered by IPG fiber lasers and integrated systems include annealing, process defect control, laser lift off (LLO), die singulation and packaging. In annealing applications, lasers provide a unique means of creating very localized heating achieved by fine depth penetration control, and highly precise positioning; allowing target structures to be heat-treated without affecting the otherwise heat-sensitive material.  IPG’s combination of laser source selection, precision mechanical stages and vision alignment systems provide users a single-source for the most critical annealing tasks.  For wafer dicing, our lasers produce comparable die strength properties as mechanical sawing methods, but with the high cut quality and rapid throughput only fiber laser technology can offer. For LED devices, IPG offers systems for singlulating sapphire and silicon carrier wafers, and metal wafer die substrates. For packaging applications, IPG’s systems provide high-speed cutting of frames, and extremely high speed drilling of sub-100 µm holes in ceramic substrates and packages.  Supporting semiconductor device test, IPG drilling systems provides industry-leading accuracy and machining speeds of next-generation high density probe card guide plates.

IPG also provides systems for downsizing wafers enabling users to utilize large semiconductor wafers in equipment designed to handle smaller sized substrates, and R&D Laser workstations ranging from UV Ablation tools for the researcher, through simultaneous dual-wavelength workcells for advanced laser-material interactions.

IPG's ULPN-355 pulsed UV lasers are ideal for printed circuit board applications such as laser direct imaging (LDI) and flex circuit trimming.


Wafer Dicing Sapphire Scribing Micro Hole Drilling Photoresist Patterning
Laser Direct Imaging Laser Lift Off Wafer Inspection Annealing 
Low-k Dielectric Scribing Gold/copper Wire Bonding