Rapid Manufacturing


Rapid manufacturing processes are an essential part of the product design cycle for the automotive, aerospace and consumer product industries. These processes are important for rapid prototyping of complex components as well as manufacturing of custom products such as dental and orthopedic implants. Though the technology has existed for some time, recent developments in powdered metals and improved system efficiencies have produced fully functional molds and components using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) applications. Fiber lasers have played an important role in its increased utilization because of its cost-effective light source and ease of integration to OEM system integrators. YLR single-mode and multi-mode ytterbium fiber lasers up to 2 kW are used extensively for these applications. 

  Selective Laser Sintering for rapid manufacturing

Because larger additive manufacturing components can take several hours to complete, the stability and reliability of fiber lasers has been pivotal in the development of these laser-based techniques. Similarly, the availability of IPG’s fiber lasers at the multi kilowatt power level is essential for the development of systems and processes with faster powder build-up or powder deposition rates. It is widely thought that the use of higher power fiber lasers will lead to reduced cost and lead times for large custom components.