Medical Procedures


The medical community continues to show an increased demand for lasers in diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical applications. In cosmetic/therapeutic dermatology, from skin rejuvenation (stimulating collagen growth) and vascular treatment to skin, hair, fat and tattoo removal, fiber laser technology improves the treatment outcomes, lowers the cost of treatment and provides faster treatment with shorter recovery times. From urology to ophthalmology, surgical applications demand laser-based solutions with precisely controlled parameters and excellent beam quality. In dentistry, lasers are being adopted for bone and gum regeneration, soft tissue, hard tissue and root canal surgery, fast whitening and pain treatment.

IPG provides a very broad range of laser sources for integration into medical devices including diode lasers, ytterbium lasers near 1 μm, erbium lasers near 1.5 μm, and thulium CW fiber lasers near 2 μm, QCW ytterbium and thulium fiber lasers, CW green and ns pulsed green lasers, hybrid fiber-pumped lasers in the mid-infrared (IR) range, Raman fiber lasers (in infrared and visible ranges) and pico and femtosecond pulsed lasers at 1 and 1.5 μm.

  lasers in medicine and surgery