Medical Device Manufacturing


laser medical device manufacturing  

Medical device manufacturing continually evolves with product innovation and process advancement despite the ever-changing challenges of regulatory demands and healthcare provider consolidation. Compliance to the FDA's Unique Device Identification as well as the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act is now in full force and requires the device industry to adapt strategic and process changes to remain competitive. Medical device manufacturers bear the brunt of providing evidence of safety and efficacy data through a device life cycle.

IPG Photonics is at the forefront of laser-based solutions for medical device and contract manufacturers. For device manufacturing, IPG offers Flat Bed Cutting and Multi-Axis Cutting, Drilling and Welding systems for both metal and polymer machining.  Some microfluidic sensing devices rely on laser drilling of the very small holes for fluids separation, and  IPG’s systems provide unmatched dimensional precision and hole quality. For fabricating parts, IPG’s experience in cutting and welding technology is made available to the industry through both laser products sold to third-party equipment makers, and through the Flat Bed Cutting and Multi-Axis systems that can be programmed for the highly accurate part fabrication this industry requires.

Laser marking with the IPG's YLPN fiber lasers allows device manufacturers a corrosive-resistant, fast process for uniquely identifying stainless steel surgical instruments to composite-polymer catheters. Polymer bonds via laser welding using IPG's Thulium Fiber Lasers show consistent tensile strength without the need for adhesives and primers. The processes vary with each device and IPG provides light sources and laser systems adaptable across many product lines and processes. IPG is well suited to meet the challenges of the cost-constrained and diverse manufacturing processes of the medical device industry.

Laser Welding Applications include: heart pacemakers, implantable devices, hermetic sealing, spot welding, titanium welding, endoscopic instruments, bellows, diaphragms, medical tube welding, batteries, nitinol welding, hypo tubes, surgical devices, dental tools.

Laser Marking / Engraving Applications include: bone screws, pacemakers, implantable devices, medical tools and instruments, surgical devices, surgical blades, guide wires, marker bands, single use items, endoscopic instruments, dental tools, bar codes, 2D Data matrix codes, permanent marking.

Laser Cutting Applications include: medical tools and instruments, medical tubing, stents, surgical blades, guide wires, hypo tubes, shavers, catheters, dental tools, endoscopic instruments, medical probes, thin-film sensors and sensor disposables. 

Laser Drilling applications include:  Microfluidic sensors, electrophoresis - patch clamps, thin-file sensors and sensor disposables.