Heavy Industry & Transport


IPG lasers are widely used in heavy industry applications, from the welding of locomotive engine pistons to the construction of complete bridge structures. IPG lasers are found to be easy to use, easy to integrate process tools that enable demanding applications to be completed.  

From welding the longest railway line tracks for high speed trains to the welding of oil and gas pipelines by tracked vehicles in difficult to get to environments, IPG lasers are dependable and are changing the way processes in heavy industries are carried out.

IPG’s unique laser-based solutions typically use the YLS series high power fiber laser that have unique thick material welding capabilities. System solutions provided by IPG include Turnkey Robotic Laser Processing cells for cutting, welding and cladding, and the Seam Stepper servo C-gun welding tool for a diverse range of industrial applications.

Other applications include:

  • Shipbuilding industry; sheet welding, surface preparation and paint removal.
  • Railway industry: carriage welding, locomotive engine manufacturing (complete integrated systems), railway line welding.
  • Yellow goods industry; crane boom welding, cladding of earth mover devices after wear and tear.
  • Power generation industry; cladding and repair of turbine blades and journal shafts.
  • Oil and gas industry; pipeline welding, pipeline inspection, remote dismantling, oil well drilling (transmission through kilometers of optical cable to heat hard rock types to improve drilling productivity)
  • Construction industry; concrete removal (scalping), concrete drilling, steel beam welding.
  • Super structure manufacturing; complete laser welded bridges. 
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