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professional laser projection in theater  

Spectacular color purity and high brightness make lasers the illumination technology of choice for the burgeoning projection display industry. No segment of the display industry is growing more explosively than laser illuminated digital cinema and laser light shows. Enabling this growth is the development of novel IPG technology which extends the benefits of fiber lasers into the visible spectrum.

Fiber lasers operating in the visible spectrum provide yet another industry with the benefits of highly reliable, compact and efficient light sources able to stand-up to the dual rigors of the single-event light show or daily grind of the cinema. Operators benefit from the modest cooling requirements of fiber laser technology, while dispensing forever with traditional projector lamp bulb replacements.

IPG Photonics has developed light sources designed for state-of-the-art cinema, theme park and other entertainment markets.

Talk to IPG about your visible light source requirements to discover how fiber laser technology can transform your business.


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