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IPG fiber lasers and integrated automated systems are coveted by the consumer electronics industry for their unique combination of reliability, flexibility, efficiency, high power, beam quality, compactness and cost-effectiveness. Most consumer electronics applications require a focused laser beam delivered in highly repeatable pulses at a rapid repetition rate for maximum productivity and precision. The outstanding beam quality, flexibility and stability of fiber lasers are ideal for micromachining applications. Lately, IPG significantly expanded our product portfolio from the traditional infrared into the green and ultraviolet wavelengths, and developed picosecond and high femtosecond pulse capabilities which greatly broaden the scope of consumer electronics applications able to benefit from fiber laser technology.

   lasers for cutting, drilling and welding consumer electronics

IPG fiber lasers continuously exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of ease of use, reliability and cost of ownership compared to legacy gas or solid-state laser solutions. We provide laser-based solutions for a wide variety of consumer electronics manufacturing processes.  From the YLPN pulsed laser series to our YLR mid-power laser series, IPG can offer an ideal infrared laser solution for most applications. For increased precision, the GLPN green laser series and ULPN ultraviolet laser series offer exciting new micromachining and surface treatment capabilities. For customers seeking a complete laser solution, IPG offers turnkey machining systems optimized for prototyping or volume manufacturing applications.

For the white-goods industry, IPG’s Flat-Bed and Multi-Axis systems cut sheet metal cabinet and body panels, while Tube and Profile Welders create frame components and multi-axis welding systems have application on many of the mechanical parts such as pumps, filters and rack systems that comprise those products. The company’s marking sub-systems can be used as stand-alone tools, or integrated within other equipment to provide serialization of components throughout the manufacturing process.

For the hand-held device market, IPG offers high-speed cutting systems for manufacturing sapphire display covers and cutting of sensor windows. For specialized electronic devices, similar systems provide cutting and drilling of packages and substrates including ceramics, silicon carbide and diamond.  IPG’s Quasi-CW lasers and fiber laser systems are used in the welding of batteries, conductors and component cans and housings, and appliances manufacturers are well served by the company’s core strengths in flat-sheet and multi-axis cutting and welding.

At the electronic component level, IPG’s systems are used for machining ceramic packages, patterning the flexible circuits, and processing insulating and protective coatings; all steps used in the integration of advanced electronic modules.


Wafer Dicing Sapphire Scribing Micro Hole Drilling Photoresist Patterning
Laser Direct Imaging Laser Lift Off Wafer Inspection Annealing 
Low-k Dielectric Scribing Gold/copper Wire Bonding


Laser Welding Applications include: mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, batteries, solid-state lighting, capacitors, relays, cabinets.

Laser Marking / Engraving Applications include: keyboards, cell phones, computer mouse, computer monitors, TV remote controls, tablets, MP3 players, chromecast components, A/C control units, circuit breakers, printed circuit boards, shavers, hair dryers, power supplies, printer cartridges, key fobs, hearing aids, bar codes, 2D Data matrix codes.

Laser Cutting Applications include: circuit boards, capacitors, resistors, motor laminations, computer hardware, appliances, enclosures, cabinets, cell phones, tablets.