The automotive industry relies on IPG Photonics’ revolutionary fiber lasers as the ideal laser tool for common cutting, welding, marking, engraving and brazing processes, and as an enabling technology for value-added remote welding and seam welding and tube and profile welding processes. As new lightweight vehicle designs come to the forefront, fiber lasers are increasingly critical in today’s highly automated, flexible production lines. IPG fiber lasers are simple to integrate, flexible and easy to use and are highly reliable, while requiring next to no maintenance or consumable parts. Automakers enjoy shortened ROI due to the low operating costs of compact and highly efficient fiber lasers, which can even be shared over multiple process stations using IPG’s novel beam switch technology.

IPG’s laser-based solutions span the gamut of automotive manufacturing processes.

IPG's trifocal brazing laser was developed specifically for the automotive manufacturing industry to improve quality of brazed parts. The trifocal laser brazing replaces traditional brazing methods while increasing process speed, minimizing heat effects on the assembly and reducing dependence on manual part cleaning.


laser welding in the automotive industry

IPG's YLR series mid-power fiber lasers, YLS series high power industrial fiber lasers and Quasi-CW fiber lasers are used in conjunction with IPG's cuttingwelding and scanning process heads and beam switches, shutters and couplers to deliver unmatched value solutions tailored to the needs of specific customer.

IPG's integrated systems for automotive manufacturing include automated cutting and welding and brazing systemsAutomatic C-gunAutomatic Laser Picker and Hand-held Laser Seam Steppers have been designed for welding in automotive industry.

IPG fiber lasers and integrated solutions have been proven to exceed customer expectations.

Laser Welding Applications include: airbag components, fuel injectors, pressure sensors, fuel cells, batteries, seat frames, door panels, solenoids, body components, gear components, power train components, antilock brake components, hem flanges, head lights, tail lights, exhaust components, high speed remote welding, aluminum joining, polymer welding.

Laser Marking / Engraving Applications include: VIN tags, radio buttons, control panels, mirrors, fuel Injectors, airbag components, pressure sensors, solenoids, ABS components, exhaust components, switches, EGR valves, key fobs, relays, fuse panels, data tags, connectors, fittings, high performance racing components, bar codes, 2D data matrix codes, labels.

Laser Cutting Applications include: body panels, exhaust components, hydro formed parts, tube cutting, high strength steel, structural parts, hot-stamped steel, 2D flat sheet, battery components, frame components, bumpers, instrument panels.

Laser Brazing Applications include: deck lids, roofs, body sides, tailgates.