laser coating removal for aircraft   The use of lasers in the aerospace industry continues to grow due to strong demand for increased fuel efficiency. Lasers are a vital technology for welding high-strength steel, brazing large sheet metal components and cutting fiber-reinforced polymer materials to aid in weight reduction. Additionally, the aircraft turbine market uses laser technology in many of its manufacturing processes. Each engine contains blades and vanes that are laser drilled, cut, clad or additively manufactured during assembly operations. Paint stripping is another laser application in aerospace production and maintenance. Currently expensive hazardous chemical procedures are used to remove paint from airplanes. IPG has developed the 2 kW YLPN-HP pulsed fiber laser and Ablative Coating Removal System that offer a viable environmentally friendly alternative. 

IPG Photonics provides laser based solutions to numerous aerospace manufacturing processes. Systems include the Laser Seam Stepper, a tool that is ideal for laser welding and resistance spot welding, Turnkey Welding cells and Multi-Axis welding and drilling systems, for large and small components respectively and the Tube and Profile Welder used to manufacture pipes and frame structures. 

From the YLS series fiber lasers to automated integrated manufacturing equipment, IPG lasers and laser systems have proven to meet and exceed aerospace customers' expectations.