Advanced & Scientific


Since their inception, lasers have been used in cutting edge research in physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, mechanical engineering and many other fields. From frequency combs experiments to triggering lightning in thunderclouds, from genomics to terahertz generation, scientists and engineers are constantly demanding new capabilities from their lasers sources, which in turn motivates laser engineers to develop new more advanced lasers.

At the forefront of atomic optics, scientists are using IPG linearly polarized fiber lasers to trap atoms for a number of studies, from interferometry to material characterization.

Other researchers are imaging sub-molecular structures beyond the diffraction barrier using fluorescent proteins. These innovators require lasers with sufficient output power to obtain resolutions on the order of tens of nanometers. Our CW lasers including CW visible Raman lasers provide intense light at discrete wavelengths in a spectral range critical for de-exciting fluorescent markers, particularly workhorse fluorescent proteins. They also feature repetition rates high enough to allow fast imaging.

IPG's powerful CW green and pulsed lasers are used in flow visualization and particle characterization studies, as well as for photoacoustic measurements of hemoglobin.

IPG's single-frequency CW lasers and fiber amplifiers are used in interferometry/holography experiments and in spectroscopic applications requiring high power narrow linewidth sources.

  scientific and advanced laser applications

IPG has developed unique solid state Mid-IR fiber-pumped lasers that address a host of scientific and advanced applications such as frequency comb generation, multiphoton imaging of biomolecules, ultrafast pump-probe transient absorption spectroscopy, CW scanning transient absorption spectroscopy, remote chemical agent sensing, LIDAR and Mid-IR illuminator imaging. IPG's reliable diode lasers and low-power (up to 100 W) and mid-power (up to 1 kW) CW fiber lasers are used by many researchers to pump their own optical devices, including dye lasers and Mid-IR OPOs.

In addition to supplying technology-enabling lasers, IPG offers several systems that integrate the laser into workstations having capabilities for precise part movement and vision systems for accurate part positioning, Ranging from UV Ablation systems for drilling, cutting and patterning, to Dual Laser tools that provide maximum versatility of laser processing in a precision mechanical workstation, these systems combine the best of IPG’s fiber laser technology with world-class equipment design.