IPG is the world’s leading provider of high-power fiber lasers and laser-based tools for the automotive industry. Lasers are used in a number of automotive manufacturing processes including welding, cutting, and marking.
Consumer Electronics & Appliances
From cell phones, tablets and flat panel displays to solid state lightening, hair driers and printer cartridges, IPG Photonics introduces fast and reliable fiber laser solutions for the consumer electronics and other general manufacturing industries.
IPG offers a diverse list of products to aerospace manufacturers for efficient cutting, welding and drilling of large sheet metal plates, marking of cable wires, processing composites, paint stripping and other applications such as ultrasonics.
From materials processing to wafer inspection, IPG Photonics introduces fast and reliable fiber laser based solutions for the semiconductor industry.
Entertainment & Projection Display
IPG provides laser products that enable light show installations and digital projection for the emerging entertainment and projection display industries.
Heavy Industry & Transport
With the highest powers on the market, IPG fiber lasers are used by heavy industry manufacturers for cutting, welding, drilling, brazing, cladding and coating removal applications in shipbuilding industry, bridge construction, railway welding and locomotive manufacturing, power generation industry and others.
Medical Device Manufacturing
From unique product identification marking to composite polymer welding, IPG offers laser-based solutions for the medical device manufacturing industry.
Medical Procedures
The use of lasers in medical industry continues to increase. IPG fiber, diode and hybrid Mid-IR lasers offer cost-effective alternatives and enable new medical procedures.
Oil & Gas
IPG fiber lasers and laser systems are used in a number of applications in the oil and gas industry including welding of ground and underwater pipelines, and cladding and hardening of the well drilling equipment.
Solar cell manufacturers consistently rely on IPG Photonics' fiber lasers for its high processing speeds, wall-plug efficiency, and improved process control for crystalline silicon (c-Si) and thin film cell production.
Advanced & Scientific
The demanding requirements of scientific research push the envelope of IPG laser technology. From UV Mid-IR, from CW to femto pulses, from mW to >100 kW laser powers, IPG lasers are used in cutting edge R&D and advanced applications.
Nuclear Power
IPG provides innovative solutions in nuclear decommissioning and other applications, where cutting of metal pipes, cylinders and other structures is done in a highly contaminated environment posing health and safety risks.
Rapid Manufacturing
Rapid manufacturing utilizes IPG lasers for the spectrum of the product design cycle, from concept prototyping of complex components to manufacturing of custom products.