3D Micro Milling

Although conventional chemical or plasma etching

techniques yield high-quality results, they are

often slow and complicated, and provide

limited options for the geometries they

can produce. In addi­tion, in photonic

applications in which sensitive optical

devices are integrated onto silicon

wafers, etching is often not

possible or recommended.

Short-pulsed UV lasers

provide fast and flex­ible

alternatives for creating

a wide range of 3D features.

Ultraviolet lasers excel in large area structuring and 3D micromachining. Advanced beam illumination and projection techniques allow for sharp-edged and uniform energy density distribution on target. This leads to fine control of the volume of material removed per pulse, enabling high-resolution machining and high-quality surface finish. Typical removal rates


are between 0.05 - 1.5 μm/pulse. When a single pattern must be repeated, the mask itself may contain an array of features, using the large beam cross section for simultaneously machining multiple features. By coordinating the motion of both mask and workpiece, large and complex patterns can be created.

Polymer Micromilling

Galvanometer scanning combined with a high-speed pulsed laser enables definition of complex shapes. The microfluidic channel shown to the right is machined into a polycarbonate component.

System: Microfluidic Drilling

Lasers: UV ns  pulsed lasers, green ns pulsed lasers, picosecond lasers

  polymer micro laser milling - microfluidic

Ceramic Micromilling

Our systems can perform ablative and thermal ceramic micromilling, cutting and scribing for materials up to 1 mm thickness with sub-micron feature placement and dimensional accuracy. Here we show precision grooves in ceramic cylinder.

System: Ceramic Micromachining

Lasers: UV ns  pulsed lasers, green ns pulsed lasers, picosecond lasers

  micro laser milling ceramics

Metal Micromilling

Example shows machining of grooves  ~ 30 μm wide and deep on molybdenum plate using picosecond laser.

System: Semiconductor Singulation

Lasers: UV ns  pulsed lasers, green ns pulsed lasers, picosecond lasers

  micro laser milling metal
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