IPG offers a wide range of lasers covering broad spectrum of wavelengths and modes of operation which are suited to a wide variety of Micromachining applications.

Within the continuum of laser-based materials processing applications, laser micromachining typically refers to cases where material thicknesses are less than one millimeter and feature sizes are commonly measured in microns.

To achieve these dimensions for a laser machined feature, the actual focused laser spot size needs to be significantly smaller and can be as small as a few microns, the hole drilled by such a laser spot may therefore also be only a few microns in diameter.


Compared to typical bulk industrial applications such as robotic welding or sheet metal cutting, the tools and technology required for micromachining applications require an emphasis on high accuracy and process control.  Common applications may be very sensitive to thermal input and/or require extremely high precision, and as a result the specifications of the type of laser used, optical system, and equipment hardware configuration are extremely important to developing a robust high volume manufacturing solution.

IPG’s Micromachining Systems - are designed for precise machining control in applications from micro cutting and scribing to selective material removal, in industries that include microelectronics semiconductors and medical device manufacture.


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