Biomedical imaging encompasses a broad range of

both in-vivo and in-vitro applications from

biomedical research to pharmaceutical

industry and clinical environments.


Allowing better resolution, faster processing

times, selective chromophore excitation,

lasers are finding increasing use in

non-invasive biomedical diagnostic

and therapeutic digital

pathology techniques.


     Lasers have many advantages over conventional light sources used in optical imaging:

  • availability of higher powers at wavelengths ranging from UV to Mid-IR
  • wavelength tunability, enabling selective excitation of different chromophores
  • high beam quality, i.e. collimated output with gaussian beam mode, allowing for high spatial resolution imaging
  • high repetition rate allowing fast image generation
  • availability of ultrashort femtosecond pulses for real-time studies of molecular and sub-cellar dynamics

Allowing higher degree of resolution, faster image generation and processing times, lasers are playing an increasing role in early detection cancer diagnosis and treatment applications.

IPG provides a number of fiber and fiber-pumped bulk hybrid lasers at near-infrared and mid-infrared wavelengths ideal for diagnostic imaging applications, including single and multi-photon fluorescence microscopy imaging, wide field imaging, advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT), fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT), among others.

IPG offers fiber-pumped ultrafast femtosecond Cr:Zn/Se oscillators covering wavelengths from Near to Mid-IR without the need to pump complex expensive OPOs pumped by Ti:S lasers. 

IPG fiber lasers are also used for pumping CW OPOs providing wide spectrum of tunable CW from visible to Mid-IR.

For further information regarding biomedical research and imaging, please visit Scientific and Advanced Applications.

The statements contained on this page are provided for informational purposes only, and are intended to describe uses for IPG’s lasers that are for medical instrument integration only, and not finished devices that can be used for clinical applications.

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