Lasers have been used in dentistry since early 1990s

to treat a number of conditions. The acceptance

of the laser technology has been growing,

although it is still a subject of active research.


Lasers have been demonstrated in treatment

of tooth decay, gum disease, biopsies,

removing of lesions, activating a

bleaching solution for whitening

teeth, and curing of dental


The development and adoption of lasers in dentistry has steadily grown with recent advancements and continued training. As with other surgeries, lasers have demonstrated clinical utility and positive outcomes for soft tissue dental procedures, such as gingivectomy and frenectomy, and can also be employed to activate a bleaching solution for whitening teeth. IPG’s diode laser modules have been successfully used by medical device manufacturers to cut soft tissue smoothly, quickly, and with minimal collateral thermal damage.

Mid-infrared lasers have been used as a replacement of drills for use on hard tissue to treat tooth decay.  These lasers reduce the need for anesthesia as well as minimize bleeding and swelling.


CL-2940 and CLT Series
PLD Diode Lasers      

The statements contained on this page are provided for informational purposes only, and are intended to describe uses for IPG’s lasers that are for medical instrument integration only, and not finished devices that can be used for clinical applications.

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