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Characterization of High-Harmonic Emission from ZnO up to 11 eV Pumped with a Cr:ZnS High-Repetition-Rate Source

We report the measurement of high-order harmonics from a ZnO crystal with photon energies up to 11 eV generated by a high-repetition-rate femtosecond Cr:ZnS laser operating in the mid-infrared at 2–3 μm, delivering few-cycle pulses with multi-watt average power and multi-megawatt peak power. High-focus intensity is achieved in a single pass through the crystal without a buildup cavity or nanostructued pattern for field enhancement. We measure in excess of 108 high-harmonic photons/second.

Giulio Vampa, Sergey Vasilyev, Hanzhe Liu, Mike Mirov, Philip H. Bucksbaum, and David A. Reis

January 2019, Optics Letters


Octave-Spanning Cr:ZnS Femtosecond Laser with Intrinsic Nonlinear Interferometry

Octave-Spanning Cr:ZnS Femtosecond Laser with Intrinsic Nonlinear Interferometry

We report a few-cycle, super-octave, polycrystalline Cr:ZnS laser system with 4 W power at 78 MHz repetition rate, where all of the necessary optical signals for the measurement of the carrier–envelope offset frequency are generated intrinsically.

Sergey Vasilyev, Igor Moskalev, Viktor Smolski, Jeremy Peppers, Mike Mirov, Vladimir Fedorov, Dmitry Martyshkin, Sergey Mirov, and Valentin Gapontsev

January 2019, Optica


Super-Octave Longwave Mid-Infrared Coherent Transients Produced By Optical Rectification of Few-Cycle 2.5-μm Pulses

Super-Octave Longwave Mid-Infrared Coherent Transients Produced By Optical Rectification of Few-Cycle 2.5-μm Pulses

Femtosecond laser sources and optical frequency combs in the molecular fingerprint region of the electromagnetic spectrum are crucial for a plethora of applications in natural and life sciences. Here we introduce Cr:ZnS lasers as a convenient means for producing super-octave mid-IR electromagnetic transients via optical rectification (or intra-pulse difference frequency generation, IDFG). The results highlight the potential of this architecture for ultrafast spectroscopy and generation of broadband frequency combs in the longwave infrared.

Sergey Vasilyev, Igor S. Moskalev, Viktor O. Smolski, Jeremy M. Peppers, Mike Mirov, Andrey v. Muraviev, Kevin Zawilski, Peter G. Schunemann, Sergey B. Mirov, Konstantin L. Vodopyanov, and Valentin P. Gapontsev

January 2019, Optica


Frontiers of Mid-IR Lasers Based on Transition Metal Doped Chalcogenides

TM ion doped II-VI semiconductors have been extensively studied since the 1960s by many research groups. However, the lasing of a Cr:ZnSe crystal was first reported in 1996 by scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In this publication, the authors formulated the major features that make these materials so attractive for middle infrared (MIR) laser applications.

Sergey B. Mirov, Member, IEEE, Igor S. Moskalev, Sergey Vasilyev, Viktor Smolski, Vladimir v. Fedorov, Dmitry Martyshkin, Jeremy Peppers, Mike Mirov, Alex Dergachev, and Valentin Gapontsev

September/October 2018, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics



3 Approaches Show: Fiber Lasers Prepared for E-Mobility

E-mobility transforms mobility and meets the power to transform.

October 2018, Laser Technik Journal

Nikolaus Wanke



Fiber Optic Technology Equips Fiber Laser Machines for Mass Production Applications in Multiple Markets

Thanks to the the advancement of fiber optic technology and the move towards automation, many more industries are adopting fiber lasers. IPG Photonics is leading the way by developing all technology in-house, making fiber lasers an economical solution for most applications.

January 2018, FF Journal


Fiber Laser Welding Technique Joins Challenging Metals

Method works with single-mode and multi-mode fiber lasers.

March 2017, Industrial Laser Solutions

Bryce Samson, Tony Hoult, Mustafa Coskun


Laser Micro-keyhole Method can Weld Problem Metals

High-brightness fiber lasers weld at very high speed.

November 2016, Industrial Laser Solutions

Tony Hoult


Laser Welding Joins the Lightweighting Trend

Use of high-strength steel and aluminum alloys drives adoption of fiber lasers in automotive production.

October 2016, Industrial Photonics

James Schlett


Low Cost 2 μm Laser Scalpel Uses Ceramic Gain Materials

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nizhniy Novgorod State University, NTO IRE-Polus and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have developed a ceramic-based laser that cuts tissue with minimal trauma and is at least two times less expensive than lasers using high-quality crystal-grown lasing materials.

September 2016, Laser Focus World

Gail Overton


Recent Breakthroughs in Solid-State Mid-IR Laser Technology

Lasers based on transition metal doped II-VI chalcogenides are coming of age for practical applications.

June 2016, Laser Technik Journal

Sergey Vasilyev, Igor Moskalev, Mike Mirov, Viktor Smolsky, Sergey Mirov and Valentin Gapontsev


Fiber Optics: From ‘Piping Light’ to All-Optical Communications

IPG Photonics recently developed an innovative fiber optics-based GLPN-500-R laser, which combination of single-mode beam quality, short wavelength, short pulse duration and higher power allow exploration of new applications. A year after the Prism Award win, IPG has continued to enhance the laser architecture and optimize its components, resulting in a significant reduction in form factor.

   May 2016, Photonics Spectra

   Justin Murphy


Over 50 Percent Wall-Plug Efficiency Fiber Laser

World record wall-plug efficiency for high power industrial lasers

April 2016, Laser Technik Journal

Michael Stark


Cutting up the Energy Sector

More than 20 nuclear sites in the UK will need to be decommissioned by 2030 and this has prompted engineers to find novel techniques to help such sites safely end their working lives.

Spring 2016, Laser Systems Europe

Gemma Church


Laser systems have use in large-diameter tube and pipe cutting

Fiber Laser machines produce large tubes in a single, completely automatic cycle with an accuracy and repeatability that cannot be matched by the old manual processes.

March 2016, Industrial Laser Solutions

Giovanni Zacco


Kilowatt-level Fiber Lasers Mature

Although today's high-power CW fiber lasers have their origins in telecom technology, they have long since left that arena and become naturals at reliable, capable materials processing.

March 2016, Laser Focus World

John Wallace


Fiber Lasers Continue to Gain Market Share in Material Processing Applications

Fiber lasers offer users the lowest price per watt with the highest beam quality.

Feb 2016, Manufacturing Engineering

Bill Shiner


QCW Fiber Lasers Come of Age

Wall-plug efficiency, high PRR are just two benefits of the new laser technology 

February 2016, Canadian Industrial Machinery

Shawn Murphy (IPG Photonics) and Gary Loringer (Paradigm Precision)


Fiber Lasers: Multiple laser beam materials processing

Fiber lasers producing different spot sizes, pulse durations, or wavelengths can be combined into a single process for applications such as brazing, welding, and surface texturing.

February 2016, Laser Focus World

Toby Strite, Andreas Gusenko, Michael Grupp, and Tony Hoult


Fiber laser enables marking of advanced plastics

In-line inkless laser marking now replaces traditional rotary gravure and pad printing.

January/February 2016, Industrial Laser Solutions

Scott R. Sabreen


Laser surface texturing with new fiber lasers

Pulsed Fiber lasers have use in new applications

November/December 2015, Industrial Laser Solutions

Tony Hoult and Artur Amidon, IPG Photonics


Laser seam stepper takes on conventional welding

Tool yields high repeatability without rework or post-processing

July/August 2015, Industrial Laser Solutions

Michael Weiner, IPG Photonics


Maybe the most flexible laser — ever!

Fiber laser finds utility in welding applications

July/August 2015, Industrial Laser Solutions

Tony Hoult


Laser Cutting of CFRP

Using a 30 kW Fiber Laser

July/August 2015, LIA Today

Dirk Herzog, Mattias Shmidt-lehr, Marten Canisius, Max Oberlander, Jan-Phillip Tasche and Claus Emmelmann


Clamp, enclose, laser-weld

Laser welding requires the right enclosure, clean environment and proper clamping. One technology tackles all three challenges.

June 2015, The Fabricator

Tim Heston


Fiber Laser Micromachining in High Volume Manufacturing

A new generation of IPG QCW fiber lasers enables high throughput drilling, scribing, and cutting with micromachining quality.

May/June 2015, Industrial Laser Solutions

Marco Mendes, Rouzbeh Sarrafi, Joshua Schoenly, and Roy VanGemert


Focusing  Fiber from Afar

As fiber becomes cheaper, R&E Automated Systems keeps remote laser welding systems dialed in for automakers

May 2015, FF Journal

Nick Wright, Executive Editor


Kerr-lens mode-locking in polycrystalline Cr:ZnS and Cr:ZnSe competes with Ti:sapphire

New fs lasers provide multiwatt output power, pulse durations approaching three optical cycles, and three-wave-mixing effects.

May 2015, Laser Focus World

Sergey Vasilyev, Mikhail Mirov, and Valentin Gapontsev



FDA-Approved Additives Boost Inline Plastics Laser Marking

Designed for affordable fiber lasers, inline inkless laser marking now replaces rotary gravure and pad printing.

April/May 2015, Plastics Decorating

Scott R. Sabreen


What's new with 100 kW fiber lasers?

ILS editorial advisor Dr. Kunihiko Washio, on a lab tour at the NADEX Laser R & D Center (Tsuruga, Japan), witnessed the following experiment with a 100kW fiber laser welding SUS 304 stainless steel at 100kW (1mm-diameter spot size)...

Jan 2015,  Industrial Laser Solutions


What can lasers do with composites?

Lasers show promise for composite manufacturing in the aerospace industry

Sept 2014, Industrial Laser Solutions

Tony Hoult, IPG Photonics


Fiber Lasers in the Aerospace Industry
The aerospace industry is one that can benefit greatly from conversion to fiber lasers.

July 2014, Industrial Laser Solutions
Bill Shiner, IPG Photonics


High Power Fiber Lasers for Geothermal, Oil and Gas Industries
A high-power fiber laser succeeds in drilling through ultra-hard crystalline rock.

April 2014, SPIE 
Mark Zediker


First Down Laser Line Seeks NFL Implementation
First Down Laser continues to discuss implementation of the laser line system with NFL officials.

March 2014, Laser Focus World
Gail Overton


Resistance Spot-Welding Gun Meets Fiber Laser
The high-volume production environment in the automotive industry is one where resistance spot welding and laser remote welding are well-established technologies.

January 2014, Industrial Photonics 
Klaus Krastel, IPG Laser GmbH


MATERIALS PROCESSING: 100 kW fiber laser, power meter serve industry
The first commercial 100 kW fiber laser

December 06, 2013, Laser Focus World
Ben Wallace


Fiber Lasers Poised to Impact Aerospace Component Drilling
Lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers have been the work horse and have dominated the aerospace drilling market for decades, but the fiber laser is now under strong consideration by the aerospace industry for implementation on production lines.

August 13 2013, Laser Focus World
Bill Shiner, IPG Photonics


Progress in Lasers Improves Polymer Joining
Thulium fiber lasers are promising for laser welding clear polymers for the medical device and other industries.

August 2013, Plastics Decorating
by Tony Hoult, IPG Photonics


Leveraging Laser Technology
4.5 kW quasi-continuous IPG fiber laser enables cutting titanium

July 2013, Modern Machine Shop
Derek Korn


Using Fiber Lasers for Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe
An emerging option for tube, pipe producers

Kevin Arnold, P.E., Brian Kopack, Chris Pilcher, Brad Trees


Tritan Finds New Application in IPG Medical Technology
The IPG technology can weld clear-to-clear polymers with fiber lasers and create welds almost invisible to the human eye.

April 2013, Plastics News
Roger Renstrom


High Power Fibre Lasers, Sub Micron Lasers and Other Welding Advances
Fibre laser welding of Eastman's Tritan copolyester enables clear seams to be produced without the need for additives.

Tony Hoult


Fiber Lasers Drill for Oil
20 kW of laser power delivered through a special optical fiber can drill through hard rock.

December 2012, Laser Focus World

Jeff Hecht


Laser Cutting Helps Company Survive the Recession

November 2012, Industrial Laser Solutions
Antonio Vendramini


YLR-5-1070-LP Used in Laser Tweezer Application
Research paper specifying the use of IPG laser in optical trapping

June 2012, PLOS One

François Bordeleau et al., Centre d'optique photonique et laser, Université Laval


Robotics Cut New Path in Hot Metal Stamping

Robotic laser cutting provides balance of performance and capital flexibility, helping company enter and expand in hot stamping.

June 2012, 
Doug Hixon, ABB


Hybrid Process Welds Thick-walled Tubes
Use of high-power lasers combined with GMAW in hydraulics manufacturing reduces time and material consumption.

June 2012, Welding Journal
TU Berlin


Fiber Laser Process Targets Medical Plastics Welding
A powerful laser technology originally developed for the telecommunications industry is now targeting plastic welding, and has significant implications for medical markets because it eliminates use of dyes and other additive extractables.

May 2012, Plastics Today 
Doug Smock


Fiber Laser Technology Broadens Out

Mid-infrared laser wavelengths open up new processes.

May 2012, Industrial Laser Solutions
Tony Hoult


"Smart Additives" Enhance Plastics Laser Marking
The newest generation of laser marking “smart additives” incorporated into polymers is a quantum leap in technology, which is both enabling and cost-saving.

February 2012, Industrial Laser Solutions
Scott Sabreen


Drilling with Fiber Lasers

Pulse fiber lasers lessen acquisition and operating costs.

January 2012, Industrial Laser Solutions 
Jens Dietrich and Ingomar Kelbassa


Super Lasers to Speed Up Nuclear Decommissioning

Lasers save time, increase productivity and introduce new technology, with resultant major impact on company bottom line and long term market position.

January 2012, Laser Focus World
Stan Wilford


Fiber-laser Technology Grows More Diverse
Fiber lasers offer benefits such as long lifetimes, low complexity, reduced running costs, and low maintenance, which can now be found in a variety of fiber-based products with power levels matching the needs of applications previously served by CO2 lasers.

December, 2011, Laser Focus World

Tony Hoult


Fiber Laser Replaces Two CO2 Lasers at KMD
Salvagnini L1Xe boosts operations at Kent-based fabricator

October 2011, Engineering Subcontractor
Steve Williams, Salvagini Group


Preventing Wear and Tear
Stephen Mounsey looks at the many uses of laser classing, particularly in power and energy generation applications and oil drilling.

Autumn 2011, Laser Systems Europe
Stephen Mounsey


Driving Vehicle Production
Greg Blackman explores the increasing demand for lasers in the automobile manufacturing industry.

Autumn 2011, Laser Systems Europe
Greg Blackman


Laser Companies Look to Rocket Out of the Recession
Lynn Savage explores laser uses and market trends.

January 2011, Photonics Spectra
Lynn Savage


Analyzing the Potential of the Solid State Laser
Fiber lasers have enormous potential in metal fabrication

Tim Heston


The Fibre Provider
IPG Photonics is synonymous with the field of fibre lasers, and has been for 20 years

April 2010, Electro Optics
Bill Shiner, IPG Photonics 


Fiber Laser Spot Welding
Explores typical application for Laser Seam Steppers.

March, 2010, Industrial Laser Solutions
Klaus Krastel, IPG Laser GmbH


Developments in Fiber Laser Technology
Fiber lasers continue to evolve with a wide range of power and applications.

March 2010, Industrial Laser Solutions
Tony Hoult, IPG Photonics


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