Laser microscopy includes a growing list of applications

that use lasers as illumination sources. In some

cases, detectors measure transmitted, reflected

or scattered light at the incident wavelength;

more commonly, researchers examine the

fluorescence of specific chromophores.

Laser microscopy is used in material

development and characterization

studies and is particularly popular

in biological and biomedical clinical

and research applications.

laser microscopy  

IPG Photonics offers many different types of lasers with specifications applicable to various types of  microscopy including fluorescence far-field imaging, wide-field imaging, confocal scanning microscopy and mutiphoton microscopy. These lasers include linearly polarized CW fiber lasers, near-IR and visible Raman lasers and ultrafast Mid-IR hybrid lasers. Our unique systems provide intense light at near IR, Mid-IR and visible wavelengths required for exciting fluorescent markers, particularly workhorse fluorescent proteins.

Multiphoton microscopy is predominantly used in fields of biological sciences and tissue engineering. Far-field imaging is evolving quickly and microscopists are demanding new capabilities from laser sources. At the forefront of the field, scientists are imaging living, intact organisms beyond the diffraction barrier using fluorescent proteins.

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