Advanced & Scientific

Deep inside IPG’s laboratories, an experienced group of more than sixty laser scientists continuously pushes the envelope to develop novel and advanced laser and amplifier technologies. While many of these creative innovations are delivered directly to our customers, new standards in efficiency, performance and reliability are also established for the company as a whole.

From atom trapping to space communications, from atmospheric wind measurement to ordinance destruction, IPG breaks down technical barriers to provide revolutionary laser solutions that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Our product families include:

  • CW Fiber lasers from 355 nm to 2 μm with output power ranging from 1 W to 100 kW
  • CW, Raman, IR and VIS lasers
  • Pulsed nano-, pico- and femtosecond fiber lasers from 355 nm to 2 μm
  • Diode lasers at .98 μm
  • Mid-IR hybrid fiber to bulk lasers, including CW tunable lasers and femtosecond mode-locked lasers
  • CW fiber amplifiers

Many options are available for scientific lasers such as linear polarization (LP), single frequency operations (SF), custom wavelength selection or tunable wavelength operation.