Tube and Profile Welder

TPS X000 Tube & Profile System

Continuous Tube and Profile Welding

IPG’s TPS X000 is an integrated welding system for the production of tubes and profiles.

Embodying an IPG welding head and seam tracking unit integrated with a precision 3-axis motion platform, the TPS X000 provides high integrity, oxidation-free, low HAZ seam welds on carbon and stainless steel continuously formed tubes with wall-thickness from 0.7 to 4 mm.

Using IPG’s high efficiency maintenance-free lasers, operating and consumables costs are typically less than 25% of the traditional CO2 alternatives.

Compact and mechanically stable, the TPS X000 is designed for easy integration into customer’s fabrication line.



High Efficiency, Maintenance-free IPG Fiber Laser

3-Axis Precision Controlled Motion

Integrated Seam Tracker Motion Control

Computerized Process Gas Control

Steel/ Aluminum Construction for Stability

Fully Integrated with Single GUI

Designed, Manufactured and Supported by IPG
Laser Power Options  CW and QCW Fiber Lasers up to 10 kW Average Power
Beam Delivery Options  IPG's FLW-D30 or FLW-D50 Welding Head
 Beam Delivery Typically Includes:
 Selectable Collimator/ Focus Lenses
 Electronic Control of Shield Gas Flow (Optional)
 Water-cooled Optics
 Side Camera for Seam Tracking & Coaxial Camera for Beam Centering and
 Process Inspection
Motion System  3 CNC Controlled Axis
  X-Axis (Parallel to the Tube) 300 mm
  Y-Axis (900 to the Tube)        50 mm (Controlled by Seam Tracker)
  Z-Axis (Vertical)                       500 mm
Controls/ Interface Options  Stand-alone Industrial PC Controller
 Color Touchscreen Display for Imaging and HMI Control
Communications  Interface to Customers Equipment Controller via Field Bus or Analog Signals
 Laser Interlock Connections for Integration with Customers' Safety Cell
TPS, mm
Laser, mm


 950 x 1450 x 2050
 856 x 806 x 1106 (depending on laser selection)

Weight, kg

TPS X000 Tube and Profile Welding System Datasheet


Tube & Profile Continuous Welding

Oil and Gas Industry
Construction Industry
Food and Pharmaceutical Equipment
Automotive Components

Heat Exchangers

Furniture Frames