Hand-held Laser Cleaning System


FL-CLEAN-M Laser Cleaning System removes surface contaminated layer as a result of focused laser beam exposure. Use of ytterbium fiber laser (laser pulse duration is 100 ns) enables efficient removal of different contaminants with minimal impact on base material.



Ease of control Easy collection of cleaning waste
Wide range of removable contaminants Low energy consumption
Non-contact cleaning method Absence of consumables
Minimal impact on base material Compact design
Low noise level
Portable laser equipment  
Laser emitter Pulse fiber laser
Wavelength, nm 1064
Average laser radiation power, W 50
Cooling Air cooling
Power consumption, W 300
Operating temperature, °С +7 to +35
Overall dimensions, mm 650 × 650 × 1,100 (890)
Weight, kg ~ 70
Type of manipulator Manual / Based on galvanometric laser scanner
Type of optical head Lens optics
Width of processed area, mm 50
Manipulator weight, kg 2.75

• IPG fiber laser
• Hand-held manipulator with in-built optical system
• Cleaning waste collection system
• Control system
• Protective eyewear


Removal of different surface contaminations by a focused laser beam

Removal of organic contaminants such as paints, primers, cutting fluids, corrosion preventive coatings, etc.

Removal of inorganic contaminants such as rust, scale, etc.

Types of removable contaminants

• Carbon deposit, scale • Paint coatings
• Old grease • Oil and dirt deposits
• Corrosion products • Road and soil deposits
• Scale, salt deposits