Flat Bed Cutter



LaserCube平面床切割光纤激光器经过优化,可在原型和工业环境中切割小工件。使用建立在花岗岩平台上的大功率线性电机,具有高速精密加工所需的稳定性和加速度。利用平均功率高达 4 kW 的 YLS 光纤激光器和 IPG 切割头技术,LaserCube 可以处理最大 1250 x 1250 毫米(48 × 48 英寸)的金属板。LaserCube可加工多种材料,包括钢,铝,黄铜,铜,钛和合金,可在紧凑的占地面积上提供卓越的切割性能和可靠性,同时保持低运营成本以快速获得投资回报。




光纤激光器效率高,运行成本低 CDRH 1 类激光系统
光纤激光器的可靠性和消除激光维护  采用净化密封级,延长使用寿命
广泛的激光器选择以匹配预算和应用 具有前瞻功能的 2-D 轮廓
占地面积小,可较大限度地降低设施成本 高稳定性花岗岩上层结构
Laser Power Up to 4000 W CW
Beam Delivery Options

IPG Photonics’ FLC-D30 Cutting Head,
Automatic Capacitive Height Sensing
Replaceable Cover Window
Integrated Coaxial Cutting Assist Gas

Work Envelope

X: 1270 mm (50.0 in.);
Y: 1270 mm (50.0 in.);
Z: 100 mm (3.9 in.)

Maximum Speed: Cutting
Rapid Positioning

1000 mm (39.0 in.)/ sec.
2000 mm (78.0 in.)/ sec.

Accuracy: Positioning

25 μm (0.0006 in.) Positioning Accuracy
2 μm (0.0001 in.) Repeatability

Motion Platform Linear Stage H-gantry
High-force Direct-drive Linear Motors
0.5 μm Resolution Linear Encoders
Air-purge to Reduce Contamination

Stainless/ Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass,
Copper, Laminated Foils

Controls/ Interface

Industrial Motion Controller, Full Look-ahead Contouring Capability
Laser Power Proportional to Velocity, Windows-based CNC Interface
G/M-code Programming, Editable Materials and
Laser Parameter Database
Optional CAD/ CAM Package with Nesting Feature

Process Gas

Electronic High-pressure (300 psi) Regulator for Cutting
Inputs for Two Cutting Gasses for Cutting Various Metals
Gas Pressure Programmable via NC-code

Cutting Surface

Telescoping Drawer with Metal Saw Tooth Cutting Points
or Honeycomb Inserts
Removable Debris Collection Bins
Optional Front and Rear Pass-through Available

Safety CDRH Class I Laser System
(Complies with 21 CFR Chapter 1, Subchapter J) 
Exhaust 4” Blast Gate with Exhaust Plenum for Cutting Box and Debris Drawer 

Dimensions, LxWxH, mm

2530 x 3130 x 1630
100.0 x 120.0 x 65.0 

Weight, kg



208-230 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 3 PH, 30 A


Laser Cube Fiber Cutting Platform Datasheet


LaserCube 设计用于从各种材料中高速切割小零件。

不锈钢 碳钢
黄铜和铜 合金


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