Mini multi-axis R&D

Multi-Axis R&D Laser Workcell

IPG’s 4-Axis Laser Workcell is a highly cost-efficient tool for cutting, drilling and welding of a wide range of metal components, enclosures and fabrications. The high peak power of the QCW lasers provides deep penetration in highly reflective materials for low heat, contstant quality machining.

With a rugged industrial construction, this system includes a granite table and superstructure for thermal and mechanical stability and is easily programmed for maximum tool flexibility. The Multi-Axis Laser Workcell, fiber laser and process heads are designed, manufactured and supported by IPG, your partner for precision laser machining systems.

Custom configurations with additional motion axes can be quoted upon request.


4-Axis Platform Features

Fiber laser for High Efficiency and Low Operating Costs
Compact Design: Minimal Floor Space Workstation with Class 1 Laser Safety Enclosure
Rotation About X-axis Standard – Additional Axes Optional
G/M Code Programming. Full Look-ahead Contouring Capability
Designed, Built and Supported by IPG


  4-Axis Standard 4-Axis Compact
Laser Power Up to 2000 W CW
2,000/20,000 W QCW
Up to 500 W CW
300/3,000 W QCW
Beam Delivery Options

IPG Photonics’ Process Heads:

FLC-D30 Cutting Head, FLC-Microcutting Head

FLW-D30 Welding Head, FLW-D50 Welding Head

Work Envelope, X × Y × Z, mm

500 × 300 × 300

300 × 300 × 300

Maximum Speed, X/Y mm/s

Z, mm/s






X/Y ±8 µm        Z  ±25 µm

X/Y ±2 µm       Z  ±3 µm

X/Y ±25 µm       Z  ±25 µm

X/Y ±3 µm         Z  ±3 µm 

Motion Platform

Split X/Y Stages
High-force Direct-drive Linear Motors
Ball-screw Drive
50 nm Resolution Linear Encoders
Air-purge to Reduce Contamination


Stainless/ Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass,
Copper, Laminated Foils, Polymers

Controls/ Interface

Industrial Motion Controller, Full Look-ahead Contouring Capability
Laser Power Proportional to Velocity, Windows-based CNC Interface
G/M-code Programming, Editable Materials and
Laser Parameter Database
Optional CAD/ CAM Package with Nesting Feature

Process Gas

Options: Electronic High-pressure (300 psi) Regulator for Cutting
Inputs for Two Cutting Gasses for Easy Material Changeover
Gases Programmable via G/M-code


Aluminum T-slot Table
Optional 4th axis with 5C Collet or 3-jaw Chuck
Optional Cutting Table with Honeycomb Inserts
Optional Pass-through for Roll-feed Applications Available

Safety CDRH Class I Laser System
(Complies with 21 CFR Chapter 1, Subchapter J)
Exhaust 4” Blast Gate with Exhaust Plenum for Cutting Box and Debris Drawer

Dimensions, L × W × H, mm

1600 × 1300 × 2200
63 × 51 × 88

1170 × 810 × 2005
46 × 32 × 79

Weight, kg

1600 kg (3530 lbs.) 


208-230 or 380-480 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 3 PH, 30 A


LaserWeld 4-Axis Workcell DatasheetLaserCut 4-Axis Workcell DatasheetLaserDrill 4-Axis DatasheetLaserDrill 4-Axis Compact Datasheet