Tube Orbital Laser Welding


Orbital tube laser welding machine is intended for laser and hybrid (laser-arc) orbital welding of tubes.


The orbital welding process is realized by rotation of welding heads (laser, arc) around the stationary positioned cylindrical parts.



Increased productivity of orbital tube welding
High quality of weld seam
Realization of welding without prior edge beveling

No influence of magnetic fields of welded products on the laser beam

Small area of thermal exposure
Fiber laser output power, kW 10 kW
Welding rate (X- and Y-axis), m/min 0.05 to 1.00
Maximum diameter of welded products, mm 249
Thickness of welded parts, mm 1 to 8

Number of axis


Area of thermal exposure, mm

Power supply 380 V (± 5 %), 50 Hz, 3 phases, GOST 13109-97

• IPG fiber laser
• IPG laser cooling system
• IPG optical welding head
• Filler wire feeder
• Orbital manipulator
• Welding unit
• Remote control panel
• Manipulator control cabinet
• Power supply cabinet
• Portable container


Engineering industry Oil industry
Pipe and tube production Gas industry
Main pipeline construction Heat power industry
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