Laser Seam Stepper

Laser Seam Stepper

The Laser Alternative to Resistance Spot Welding

Laser Seam Steppers (LSS-5M) have been optimized for overlap welding of different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, coated or hot formed steel as well as dissimilar metals. For more than 10 years Laser Seam Steppers have been established as an alternative for resistance spot welding. Laser Seam Steppers provide higher strength welds at lower cost and shorter cycle time than traditional resistance spot welding. With no consumables to replace and easy line integration, this is the process of choice for many industries such as automotive manufacturing. Millions of cars have already been welded with IPG Laser Seam Steppers. 


The Laser Seam Stepper (LSS-5M) is a complete welding system containing a processing head, laser and controller. Depending on accessibility, a single-side access (LSS Picker) or two-side access (LSS C-Gun) tool can be selected. All weld parameters are monitored by its integrated safety PLC and process control ensuring high quality, safety and traceability for each weld. Combined with the included fume exhaust this is a fully-automated welding system that can be integrated with any industrial robot.


Welding and clamping combined into a single tool Picker: Adjustable clamping force up to 1 kN
Accurate and continual clamping process C-Gun: Adjustable clamping force up to 3 kN
Laser power up to 3.5 kW

The Laser Seam Stepper is available either as C-Gun or Picker. Each can be configured with either one laser beam (1F) or one main beam and two smaller side spots that clean the material prior to welding (trifocal; 3F).

Technical Specification: Controller



Controller 1F
Controller 3F
Mode of Operation CW/Modulated
Wavelength, nm 1070
Output Power Main Beam, kW up to 3.5  up to 3.0
Output Power Side Beam, kW - 2 × 0.25*
Spot Size (Depends on Fiber & Optics), mm 0.250–0.6 (0.01–0.023 in)
Power Consumption 3500 W Power,
Laser Duty Cycle 30% (with chiller), kW
Dimensions, Controller L×W×H, mm
608 × 808 × 1335
Cooling Water-water with Integrated Chiller or
Water-air without Integrated Chiller
Weight, kg 250


Technical Specifications: 
C-Gun & Picker

Adjustable Clamping Force (z-hub), kN
Max. Traversing (z-hub), mm
Max. Welding Seam Length, mm
Wobble Amplitude, mm
Wobble Frequency, Hz 030
Wobble Speed, mm/s
up to 60 
Focal Length, mm
250 or 300
10 or 12
Compressed Air Consumption (Welding),
1/min. @ 6bar
8.8 cfm at 87 psi
Weight, kg

Laser Seam Stepper Datasheet

laser seam stepper vs spot welding

Superior Precision Welding

  • Consistent weld quality that does not degrade after a number of weld cycles
  • Welding of difficult to process materials for example brittle or high-strength steels
  • Inbuilt monitors ensure laser power, weld length and wobble parameters always maintained
  • Inbuilt clamping technology and active force monitoring ensure joint proximity for high-quality weld every time

Clamping Technology

Simplify your process by choosing the tool that accomplishes two tasks at once.

  • Welding and clamping combined in a single tool
  • Picker: Adjustable clamping force up to 1 kN
  • C-Gun: Adjustable clamping force up to 3 kN
  • Accurate and continual clamping process

laser seam stepper clamping


Welding of Car Body Parts Joining of Thin, Light-weight Materials
Consistently Reproducible Welds with High Grade Steel or Aluminum Increase of Joining Quality and Component Stiffness
Reliable Joining of Hot-formed Materials Low Distortion Joining
Reliable Welding of High Strength Steel Manufacturing of Prototypes, Components in Low Volume Production

Introduction to Laser Seam Stepper Welding Solutions

Learn more about Laser Seam Stepper (LSS) welding technology and its application in the manufacture of automotive frames and panels. Integrated clamping and single-side access solutions are shown.

Welding Car Body Parts with the Laser Seam Stepper

Example of welding car body panels using Laser Seam Stepper modules attached to 6-axis robots. The result is improvements in weld quality and speed compared to resistance spot welding.

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