YLPP 10-20 ps 100 W

YLPP-R Series

Ytterbium Picosecond Pulsed Laser

IPG’s new YLPP-25-3-50-R Ultra Short Pulse fiber laser produces sub 3 ps pulses with 25 μJ pulse energy delivered across its entire operational frequency range from 50 kHz to 2 MHz, producing up to 50 W of average power and extremely high peak powers up to 10 MW. Our monolithic-all-spliced-fiber design is “beyond state-of-the-art” enabling an incredibly compact laser that’s inherently more power efficient, reliable and robust than conventional bulk-rod or disk based DPSS USP lasers yet priced significantly lower than the industries legacy products. The novel design architecture together with our flexible control electronics provides conveniently short warm-up times and allows adjustment of both pulse energy and repetition rate without affecting the output beam parameters.



Ultra-Compact, 1.5 kg Laser Head Warm Start in Seconds
Broad Frequency of Operation 50 kHz to 2 MHz Cold Start in <1 minute
Pulsewidth <3 psec, typically 2 psec Wall-plug Efficiency >15%
Pulse Energy 25 μJ from 50 kHz to 2 MHz Integrated Delivery Fiber to Remote Head
Power 50 W Average, 10 MW Peak Integrated Scanner Option


Laser pulses with durations of just a few picoseconds create peak intensities so high that non-linear/multiphoton absorption takes place, resulting in an ultra-precise “cold” process with very small heat affect - making them ideal for applications in micromachining, surface structuring, thin film ablation, thin foil or polymer cutting, dark marking of metals and processing of brittle or transparent materials. 



Wavelength, nm 1030
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Average Power, W 50
Pulse Energy, μJ 25
Pulse Duration, ps 1-3 (2 ps typical)
Peak Power, MW up to 10
Repetition Rate, kHz 50-2000
Beam Quality, M2 < 1.4 (1.2 typical)
Control Unit Dimensions, mm 448 × 580 × 132
Optical Head Dimensions, mm 65 × 216 × 70
Cooling Water
Supply Voltage, Single-phase 50-60 Hz, VAC  100-240
Power Consumption, W <300
YLPP-R Series Datasheet


Precision Micromachining Sapphire LED Wafer Scribing 
Black Marking of Stainless Steel or Al Thin Film Ablation for Solar/PV/FPD
Surface Micro-structuring & Texturing Cutting and Drilling Glass/Sapphire
Multilayer Polymer Film Cutting Precise Marking of Metals/Polymers/Glass 
Battery and Thin Metal Foil Cutting Micromachining of Ceramics

 Ultra Short Pulse Materials Processing

Ultra short pulse laser with small or no HAZ Nanosecond laser with large HAZ

  • "Cold process" reduced melt and HAZ, less recast metal
  • Fewer micro-cracks and better ablated surface quality
  • Absorbtion is less material/wavelength dependent

Black Marking

Subsurface corrosion resistant black marking of polished stainless steel.

  black marking QR code



contrast laser marking on wire  

Marking & Drilling

Good contrast on marking the Pebax. No thermal damage to the wire. Holes cut - minimal damage to the surrounding area.


Cut coated AI foils. Battery application for medical device components.

  cutting of thin coated AI foils
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