TLR-200 still


Thulium Single-mode CW Laser

IPG Photonics’ Thulium Fiber Laser Systems are developed specifically to meet the growing demands of the industrial, medical and R&D markets for high power, compact, efficient, wavelength-selectable, single-mode CW sources of the spectral range of 1800 to 2100 nm. First manufactured in 1999, these laser systems have been field tested and deployed in a variety of R&D and medical applications. Now with higher powers and new options, the TLR Series provides the ideal solution for both laboratory, medical and industrial market segments.



Selectable Wavelength 1.90 - 2.00 μm Compact and Low Cost 
Output Power 200 W Industrial Performance
Excellent Beam Quality
Telecom Reliability
Central Wavelength Range*, nm 1880 - 2050
Linewidth FWHM, nm  <1
Mode of Operation CW/modulated
Modulation Frequency, kHz <1
Maximum Average Power**, W 200
Power Tunability, % 10 - 100
Power Stability (Over 4 hours, T=const), % ±1
Optical Noise (10 kHz to 20 MHz), % RMS <2, typ.1
Polarization**** Random
Fiber Options, μm Single-mode, 50, 100, 200
Beam Quality (single-mode), M2 <1.1

* Custom central wavelengths are available upon request in the specified range; 1940 nm if not specified
** Maximum output power may be limited by wavelength selection. Lower power models from 10 to 120 W are available as both OEM modules and 19" rack mounted units.
*** Linearly polarized TLR-LP models range from 1 to 50 W.

Console Dimensions, mm 448 × 677 × 177
Weight, kg <40
Cooling Water
Supply Voltage, VAC single phase 50 - 60 Hz, 110 - 220
Power Consumption, W <1800
TLR-200 Datasheet


Medical Treatment Plastics Cutting and Welding 
Surgery Non-metal Materials Processing
Dermatology Pollution Control / Remote Sensing

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