Low Power CW Fiber Lasers

From UV to middle-infrared, IPG offers a wide

selection of continuous wave (CW) fiber

lasers in the low power (<100 W) range

for scientific, R&D and commercial

applications. Lasers in this power

range are offered with options

such as wavelength selectivity,

direct analog power modulation,

polarization options and

many others.

Low Power CW Fiber Lasers

IPG Photonics 1 - 100 W CW Fiber Laser family consists of the following lasers:

Green CW Fiber Lasers (0.51-0.55 μm)
Visible Raman CW Fiber Lasers (0.56-0.73 μm)
Ytterbium CW Fiber Lasers (0.98-1.1 μm)

Raman-shifted CW Fiber Lasers (1.15-1.8 μm)
Erbium CW Fiber Lasers (1.53-1.65 μm)
Thulium CW Fiber Lasers (1.9-2.05 μm)
Mid-IR Hybrid Fiber Lasers (1.9-4.8 μm)

Other CW lasers operating in 1-100 W output power range are:

Diode Lasers (0.44-0.46 μm and 0.79-0.98 μm)

Higher output powers are available for Ytterbium, Erbium, Thulium and Raman lasers in Mid-Power CW Fiber Lasers (100 W to 2 kW) and kW-class High Power CW Fiber Lasers.

Features of Low Power CW Fiber Lasers

1 - 100 W output power range
Record wall-plug efficiency
Excellent beam mode quality
Excellent reliability
Negligible beam pointing
Stable beam quality in full power range
Air cooling operation
Very low initial cost
Very low cost of ownership
Unlimited choice of wavelengths in wide spectral range 
Beam Mode Quality:
By default, the CW lasers in the ≤100 W power range are single-mode with theoretically limited beam quality, typical M2 ≤1.05. However, when the application requires it, multi-mode lasers are also offered.  Due to absence of thermal lensing in the laser cavity, fiber lasers maintain beam mode quality and divergence over the full range of output power adjustment. This is not the case with DPSS bulk lasers which are typically optimized to run at nominal power level.

Wavelength Selectivity:
The CW fiber lasers in the ≤100 W power range typically have fixed wavelength. Most models allow the user to select the wavelength over a certain range prior to purchase of the laser. For Ytterbium lasers, the typical wavelength range is 1030-1090 nm (Yb CW fiber lasers in the range 978-1020 are also available); for Erbium lasers the range is 1535-1565 nm; for Thulium lasers the range is 1.9-2.05 µm. Green lasers operate near 532± 18 nm. Raman lasers can supply emission in the 1.1-1.8 µm range. Wavelength-tunable lasers are also available on special order.

The CW fiber lasers in the ≤100 W power range are offered with either random or linear polarization. Circular polarization is an option for linearly polarized models.

Typical linewidth is <1 nm for standard mutiline models and is either in the kHz or MHz range for single-frequency options.

Direct Modulation:
Direct power modulation in the kHz range is typically available in Ytterbium (1 µm), Erbium (1.5 µm) and Thulium (2 µm) lasers. Green GLR lasers are CW only. External AOM is available on special order.

Power Stability and Optical Noise:
Typical power stability is <2% over 4-8 hours under stable environmental conditions (± 2°C).
Typical optical noise of standard multiline lasers is 1-2% RMS. Single-frequency models have optical noise an order of magnitude lower.

Optical noise of single-frequency lasers and amplifiers is typically specified as relative intensity noise (RIN) in dB/Hz over a certain frequency range. 

Green CW Fiber Laser

Green CW Fiber Laser Beam Mode Polarization Linewidth Output Power
GLR  Single-mode
Single-frequency 0.5 - 100 W  

GLPN-QCW green fiber lasers operate in high repetition MHz rate.  They can be used in applications requiring CW output. These lasers are available starting at 100 W.

Visible CW Raman Fiber Lasers

Visible CW Raman Fiber Lasers Typical Center Wavelengths* Beam Mode Polarization Linewidth Output Power
VLM-XXX-15-M XXX=515, 530, 561, 589, 623 Single-mode Linear 0.1 nm 1.5 - 15 W

* Custom center wavelengths are available in 515-725 nm range

Ytterbium CW Fiber Lasers

Ytterbium CW Fiber Lasers

Beam Mode Polarization Linewidth Power
YLR and YLM Single-mode Random < 1 nm 1 W to 100 W*
YLR-MM  Multi-mode   1 W to 100 W**
YLR-LP Single-mode  Linear 1 W to 100 W***
YLR-SF Random Single-frequency   1 W to 100 W
 YLR-LP-SF  Linear 1 W to 100 W

* Single-mode YLR models are available up to 1.5 kW and YLS-SM models provide output power up to 10 kW.
** Multi-mode YLR-MM models are available up to 2 kW and multi-kW YLS CW lasers are available up to to 120 kW output power.
*** Lineary polarized YLR-LP lasers are availble up to 500 W output power.

Near-IR CW Raman Fiber Lasers

Near-IR CW Raman Fiber Lasers

Beam Mode Polarization Linewidth Power
RLM and RLR Single-mode
Random, Linear upon request 1 - 3 nm 1 W to 100 W*
RLM-LP Linear  0.1 - 0.15 nm 50 W to 70 W 

 * Output powers >500 W can be manufactured upon request. Please contact IPG Representative to discuss your requirements.

Erbium CW Fiber Lasers

Erbium CW Fiber Lasers

Beam Mode Polarization Linewidth Power
ELM and ELR Single-mode Random < 1 nm
1 W to 100* W
ELR-LP Linear 5 W to 50 W
ELR-SF Random  Single-frequency 1 W to 30 W
 ELR-LP-SF  Linear 1 W to 30 W

* ELR-150-MM 19" rack mount laser provides high brightness multi-mode 150 W output power.

Multi-mode Erbium Laser Systems provide from several hundred Watts to several kilowatts of output power.

Thulium CW Fiber Lasers

Thulium CW Fiber Lasers Beam Mode Polarization Linewidth Power
TLM and TLR Single-mode
Random < 1 nm
1 W to 200 W
TLR-LP  Linear 1 W to 100 W 

TLS Series Thulium Laser Systems provide from hundreds to several kilowatts of multi-mode output power.

Mid-IR CW Hybrid Fiber Lasers

CW Mid-infrared hybrid fiber lasers Wavelength Range Beam Mode Polarization Linewidth Power
CL and CLT 1. 9 - 3.0 μm Single-mode
Random or Linear 0.1 - 2.0, typ. < 0.5 nm 1 W to 150 W
CL-SF and CLT-SF Linear 0.5 - 10, typ. <1.0 MHz 0.2 W to 10 W 
FLT 3. 7 - 4.8 μm Linear < 1  50 to 300 mW
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