YLS-ECO, 1-10 kW

Ytterbium CW Laser Systems

YLS-ECO family is a new generation of kW class low-mode Ytterbium fiber lasers with record wall-plug efficiency of over 50%. YLS-ECO Series offers an unparalleled level of reliability. YLS-ECO lasers have higher wall-plug efficiency, are brighter and more reliable than kW class diode lasers built by combining multiple emitters into a single output. The ECO Series is perfectly suited for applications that cannot tolerate any downtime or service intervention. The YLS-ECO can be used in all high power application areas, including cutting, welding, brazing, cladding and surface treatment.



Wall-plug Efficiency > 50% Hot Redundancy
Output Power up to 10 kW Maintenance-free Operation
Fiber Delivery 50, 100 or 150 μm Record Reliability
Modulation up to 5 kHz Compact, Rugged Design
Cost-effective Cutting System
 YLS- 1000-ECO 2000-ECO 3000-ECO 4000-ECO 5000-ECO 6000-ECO
Central Wavelength Range, nm 1070 ±10
Mode of Operation CW/modulated
Modulation Frequency, kHz 0-5
Maximum Average Power,* kW 1  2 3 4 5 6
Power Tunability, % 10-100
Power Stability**, % ±2
Output Fiber Core Diameter, μm 50, 100, 200
Beam Parameter Product, mm x mrad <2, <4, <8

**10 kW output power is available upon request

* Over 4 hours, T=const

 YLS- 1000-ECO 2000-ECO 3000-ECO 4000-ECO 5000-ECO 6000-ECO
Cabinet Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 856 × 806 × 1206
Weight, kg < 380
Supply Voltage, 3-phase, VAC 400 - 480
Wall-plug Efficiency, %      > 50
YLS-6000-ECO Datasheet


2D/3D Thin and Thick Cutting Welding and Brazing
Processing Copper, Brass & Aluminum Drilling
Additive Manufacturing Surface Treatment
Heat Treating Cladding
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