Flat Bed Fiber Cutting Platform

LaserCut 4-Axis

Multi-Axis Cutting Workcell

Hand Laser Seam Stepper

LSS-3 Welding System

Ceramic Drilling Workstation


R&D Multi-Axis Laser Workcell

4-Axis Mini Platform

Laser Systems

IPG Photonics manufactures production systems for both macro and micro materials processing integrating advanced fiber laser technology.

IPG Systems Group offers several standard machines for laser processing as well as extensive experience in providing custom turn- key production fiber laser machines for welding, cutting, cladding and drilling. The industries served by the systems group in include Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device Manufacturers, and Heavy Industry. The group has delivered machines utilizing Fiber Lasers from below a kilowatt to power levels as high as 50 kilowatts. The group includes engineers with extensive experience and expertise in all technologies required in manufacturing a production laser machine. Whether the requirement is for a multi-axis machine tool, a robotic based solution, or a retrofit of an IPG Fiber Laser to your current production machine, IPG can provide a cost effective solution.

IPG Microsystems Group offers turn-key solutions for micromachining applications including advanced automation software to simplify your manufacturing process. IPG Microsystems has extensive application knowledge in laser processing with a wide range of fiber laser technologies which include various wavelengths from UV to the near infrared and pulse durations from the Pico second to the long pulse duration regime. The group has extensive know-how in manufacturing precise machines utilized in production of products such as Medical Devices, MEM’s, Semiconductors, LED’s and Sapphire components to name a few. The offerings include high precision standard laser processing machines as well as custom machines when the application requires a special designed machine. IPG micromachining systems are integrated with high-precision air-bearing stages, automated vision and motion control systems and production-grade beam delivery components, all optimized to meet the requirements of the application with the lowest process cost-of-ownership.

IPG System Integration Groups have application development engineers and Application Labs to optimize your application and recommend the appropriate fiber laser to meet your production requirements. Microsystems Group also offers contract services for those clients that are not at the volumes to justify a machine yet they require laser processing to manufacture their end products.