PLD Pump Diodes

IPG’s high-power single-emitter diodes set the company apart

from competition with short-lived diode bars and stacks.

IPG leverages its legendary telecom and fiber laser reliability

with diode technology providing high power single emitters

from 10 to 70 W out of 105 or 110 μm single core fiber.

The high reliability of IPG’s single emitters is proven by

their excellent in-field reliability record.

IPG’s experienced team will work with you to

customize your configurations to assure you

have the optimal solution matched

to your requirements.

PLD-10 PLD-40 PLD-70    
PLD-10 PLD-40 PLD-80    

The PLD Series offers discrete single emitter laser diode packages in 1-, 3-, 6- and 12- chip configurations with 110 μm fiber core diameter. Center wavelengths options include 445, 465, 915, 940, 960 and 980 nm with output powers up to 120 W. PLD options include wavelength stabilization at customer requested center wavelength.

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