Optical Pumping

IPG diodes and fiber lasers are used

for optical pumping by many

researchers at universities and

engineers at various companies

in development of their

own lasers and

optical devices.

IPG Photonics produces a diverse range of products that can be pumped by IPG diodes and lasers.  These include Yb and Yb:Er  fiber lasers, Er:YAG and Ho:YAG lasers, Ti:S and Cr:F lasers, Ho:YLF, dye lasers, Mid-IR OPOs as well as IPG's own Mid-IR Cr:Zn/Se/S and Fe:Zn/Se/S crystals.

IPG diode lasers are used for pumping a variety of DPSS and fiber laser. They feature high brightness and industry best reliability in a robust, compact package.

IPG CW fiber lasers are available at several wavelengths from 355 nm to 2 microns. They feature excellent Gaussian beam mode and are offered with different polarization and linewidth options.

Infrared Raman lasers at 1480 nm are used for pumping of Er fiber lasers.


IPG linearly polarized single-frequency YLR-LP-SF CW fiber lasers and YAR-LP-SF amplifiers are used to pump continous wave Mid-IR OPOs.

Mid-IR lasers in 1.8-3.4 μm and 3.4-6 μm range are used to pump OPOs shifting output to 5-20 μm range.

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