Longitudinal seam welding

Longitudinal Seam Laser Welding


For shell or tube welding a pipe is placed onto the roller support installed at the trolleys.

For plate welding the trolleys are equipped with the adjustment frame. The plate is placed onto the frame, which has plane adjustment with reference to the surface level.

To make it convenient for operator to adjust a welded part position before welding, there is a portable control panel in close vicinity to the part.

Due to combination of fiber laser and power supply for arc welding it is possible to perform laser or hybrid (laser-arc) welding.



Increased productivity of large-diameter tube welding
High quality of weld seam
 Fiber laser output power, kW  10 to 50 kW
 Maximum filler wire feed rate, m/min  1 to 15
 Tracking area width, mm  62
 Diameter of welded workpiece, mm  500 to 1,500
 X axis speed, mm/min  0 to 4,000
 Shell/pipe length (excluding run-off tabs), mm  2,000 to 5,000
 Welding wire diameter, mm  1.2 to 2.4
 Horizontal adjustment of MIG/MAG torches with reference to laser beam, mm  0 to 30
 Optical head inclination (axis of rotation β), degrees  0 to 25

• IPG fiber laser
• IPG laser cooling system
• IPG optical welding head
• Gantry with coordinate system
• MIG/MAG welding system
• Tracker
• Control system


Longitudinally-welded tube production
Pipe and tube production Aircraft industry
Automotive industry
Shipbuilding industry
Space industry