Ablative coating

Ablative Coating Removal Systems

The Coating Removal Systems use laser light to ablate or evaporate thin surface layers of paint, contaminants, rust or residual materials left from previous processes. Based on IPG’s Robotic Laser Workcell, the Coating Removal Systems comprise a pulsed fiber laser optimized for material ablation, IPG's proprietary large-area scanning head and fume extraction/debris removal module integrated with an industrial 6-axis robot. In the standard Coating Removal Systems, the robot and process delivery units are packaged within a Class 1 laser safe enclosure, with full interlock integration with access doors and facilities safety systems. IPG also offers custom design services to integrate the laser and cleaning modules with robotic and Cartesian precision motion systems, gantries and AGV’s to accommodate parts ranging from engine components up to large airframes.



World-leading pulsed lasers for high-efficiency low-temperature material removal

Robust fiber delivery and scanning head for industrial environments

Large depth of field for irregularly contoured components
Fully-automated precision motion systems
Gantry and AGV motion platforms for large-area applications
Integrated fume extraction and debris collection
Laser process development and optimization by IPG Photonics
  Automated Laser Processing System Compact Robotic Laser Workcell Standard Robotic Laser Workcell Custom Robotic Laser Workcell*

Enclosure - Class 1 Laser Safety Dual Wall
Aluminum Extrusion Panels
Laser Safe Viewing Window


Enclosure - Class 4
Steel Wire Mesh Machine Guarding

Workcell Dimensions, W × D × H, inches 40 × 40 × 72 58 × 100 × 76 215 × 125 × 120 Custom Design
Laser Power Options (avg power), kW 0.01-1 0.5-5 
Laser Process Head Options:    

Mid-power Scanner (12 kW)
2 kW, FL Options 100, 160, 250 mm


High-power Scanner (6 kW)
10 kW, 2D & 3D Options
Variable spot Size

Beam Delivery Options

Selectable Collimator/ Focus Lenses
Integrated Air-knife/ Cross-jet
Integrated Shield Gas Delivery Nozzle
Electronic Flow Control
Water-cooled Optics
Engineered Cable Management

Robot Capabilities (Typical) Includes Robot Controller with Motion Package and Safety Position Check
Reach/ Repeatability, inches 21/ 0.0008 88/ 0.002 72/ 0.002 121/ 0.003
Laser Work Envelope, inches 6 × 6 × 6 30 × 30 × 30 50 × 50 × 40 Custom Design
Controls/ Interface Options

Stand-alone Mobile HMI Stand, Industrial PC with 17” Color Touchscreen.
IPG Cell Control Interface. Front panel Controls for Emergency Stop, Laser Mode,
System Reset, Cycle Start, Cycle Stop

Tooling Heavy Duty Table to Mount Machine Tooling
System Integration

Electrical Integration of all Components; Software Integration of Robot, Laser,
Cell Safety and Beam Delivery, Safe Position Monitor Interlocked with Laser Emissions

*Specifications for the Custom Robotic Workcell are typical values. IPG will configure
equipment to meet specific customer needs.


Paint removal and surface preparation: aircrafts, boats, bridges

Injection mold cleaning
Rust removal
Pre-weld de-greasing and cleaning
Graffiti removal


Coating Removal Systems are designed for removing paint, rust, mold coatings and contaminants from complex-shaped parts. High-efficiency laser removes successive thin layers of material until the desired underlying coating or bare surface of the part is exposed. Unlike abrasive material blasting, with laser ablation the position of the laser beam is precisely controlled to ablate only the target area, eliminating the need for time-consuming part-masking. The ablated particles and vapor are collected by the integral vacuum debris collection unit, eliminating the need to separate toxic elements from the abrasive material and dramatically reducing the waste material disposal. IPG’s ablation lasers include high average power high peak energy lasers optimized for high throughput at minimal heat transferred into underlying substrates.