EAR Series 2RU for CATV Amplification and Distribution

2RU Rack Mount EDFAs

IPG's EAR Series are high-performance Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) that supply maximum output power and port count while using minimal space. IPG’s cooler-free pumps assure superior reliability with low power consumption. The integrated CWDM splitter option eliminates the need for a separate shelf, reducing component count, lowering the FIT rate and improving system performance. IPG's EDFAs have a broad input power specification and can be cascaded within a single equipment rack to support long-term housing growth. A lower power 1RU version is available; both EDFAs are designed and manufactured using IPG’s high-reliability pumping technology.



Up to 64 Output Ports in a 2RU Package Integrated CWDM Splitter Option
Up to +23 dBm per Port Output Power <4.5 dB RF Noise Figure
Low Power Auxiliary Output Ports for Future Expansion Cooler-free Pumps for Higher Reliability and Lower Power Consumption
Max. Output Power per Port, dBm Up to +23
Number of Ports 4-64
Max. Port-to-Port Variation, dB 0.25-1.5
Monitor Port Output Power, dBm 0-3
Operating Wavelength Range, nm 1540-1560
Typ. Noise Figure (Pin= +6 dBm), dB 4.5
Carrier-to-noise Ratio (CNR) Degradation, dB 1.0
Typ. Power Consumption, W <70
Max. Residual Pump Power, dBm/ nm -30
Typ. 1550 nm Input Power, dBm -5 to +10
Daisy Chain Output Power, dBm +9 to +12


Chassis Dimensions, mm 1RU: 483 x 311 x 44
2RU: 483 x 311 x 88
Ambient Operational Temperature Range, °C

Standard: -10 to +55
Extended: -40 to +65

Storage Temperature Range, °C  -40 to +80


EAR Series 2RU Datasheet


FTTB Broadband Access
FTTC Free Space Communications
FTTH RF Video Overlay

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