RLT-R Series

RLR Series

IPG's RLR Series Raman Fiber Lasers are manufactured using IPG’s high power pump diode lasers, which operate over a wide temperature range without requiring thermoelectric coolers (TEC). RLR Series lasers are being deployed in demanding ultra-long-haul DWDM transmission systems to provide distributed Raman amplification and remote pumping of Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs). Raman Fiber Lasers offer a superior pump source over other techniques such as frequency multiplexed single-mode laser diode combiners by virtue of proven high reliability, cost, efficiency and watt class powers.



1100-1700 nm Wavelength Choices Wide Operating Temperature Range
1,000,000 hours MTTF Rugged Compact Module Packaging
Up to 10 W Output Optical Power Single or Dual Wavelength Option
Highest Electrical to Output Efficiency 
Mode of Operation CW   
Polarization Random   
Nominal Output Power, W    1 1+1 5
Output Power Tunability, % 10-100 
Output Power Instability: Long Term
(over 8 hours), %

Emission Bandwidth, nm
3 dB (FWHM)
10 dB


Central Emission Wavelength, nm 1420, 1425, 1440, 1455, 1480 

Suppression Ratio, dB 1050-1440


In Band Power, % 97  97 95 
Operating Voltage (DC) -48
Max. Power Consumption (at 20°C), W  <40 <70 <80 
                        *Desired wavelength to be specified in place of XXXX from the range 1100-1700 nm. Other powers levels can be specified.
                      **Choose 2 wavelengths


Chassis Dimensions, mm 1RU: 483 x 311 x 44
2RU: 483 x 311 x 88
Ambient Operational Temperature Range, °C

Standard: 0 to +55
Extended: -20 to +65


RLR Series Datasheet


Remote Fiber Amplifier Pumping Repeaterless Submarine/ Long Span Systems
Distributed Raman Amplification Ultra-broadband Amplifiers
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