RLD Series

Desktop Raman Pump Laser

IPG Photonics’ RLD Series fiber lasers are conveniently packaged for use in a laboratory environment. Everything is contained in one desktop instrument including a Raman laser with up to 30 W output power. The front panel includes a monitor display, on/off key switch, power control and fiber outputs. The RS-232 or GPIB port on the rear panel allow computer control of the module. Standard RLD fiber lasers provide an optical output in the range of 1100-1700 nm as specified by the customer. Typical laser output is provided by a 1.5 meter, standard SMF-28 optical fiber cable with I/O connectors. The front panel provides user control of the amplifier output power and readout of the pump diode current and temperature.



1100-1700 nm Wavelength Choices Component Testing 
Repeaterless Submarine/ Long Span Systems
Mode of Operation CW   
Polarization1 Random   
Nominal Output Power, W 1 5 10
Output Power Tunability, % 10-100
Output Power Instability: Long Term
(over 8 hours), %
1 1 2

Emission Bandwidth, nm
3 dB (FWHM)
10 dB


Central Emission Wavelength, nm 1455 

Suppression Ratio, dB 1050-1440


In Band Power, % 97  97 95 
Operating Voltage (VAC) 110/110/200/220
Max. Power Consumption (at 20°C), W <25 <65 <110
                      1Linear Polarization is available on request
                      2Desired wavelength to be specified in place of XXXX from the range 1100-1700 nm


  Min. Max.
AC Power Line, V    
Chassis Dimensions, mm 341 x 132 x 305
Operational Temperature Range, °C

0 to +50

Temperature Range, °C

-30 to +70

Humidity, % 5 90
Warm-up Time, min   1
Cooling Forced Air/ Heat Sink
Input/ Output Termination 1.5 m SMF-28 Fiber with FC/APC Connectors


RLD Series Datasheet


Remote Fiber Amplifier Pumping Repeaterless Submarine/ Long Span Systems
Components Testing 

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