FTTH CATV Amplifiers

IPG Photonics Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) have

the highest power and port density currently deployed in

the telecom market. IPG EDFAs enable service providers

to distribute 1550 nm optical signals to a large number

of customers with a package that conserves valuable

space and energy in the head end, central office

or node.  IPG leverages its advanced technology

to provide highly reliable, high quality pre-amp,

line and booster amplifiers. IPG EDFAs are

available in OEM module or field-ready

rack mounted configurations for end

users. IPG’s low noise, high performance

amplifiers are ideal building blocks for

DWDM, CATV and FTTx applications.

IPG’s innovations have changed the playing field in the long haul and ultra long haul marketplaces. IPG’s Raman pump fiber laser technology allows service providers to extend DWDM network links beyond previously achievable distances of more than 350 km without the need for amplifiers or repeaters within the link. IPG’s amplifiers have been integrated into a large number of products by leading system manufacturers.

IPG’s Raman lasers are available in module form for integration into OEM systems or as standalone rack mount chassis’.  IPG Raman lasers are ideal for advanced dense wavelength division multiplexed (DWDM) systems which use distributed amplification in transmission fibers to improve noise characteristics, flatten gain, and increase span length.

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