Optimized Optical Amplification Solutions

ClientReach Optical 100G Transponder System

Compact Ultra-long-haul (ULH) System

IPG Photonics’ Dual 100G Transponder System enables 100G network extensions (100 GbE or OTU4) to end users from the optical network core, in a cost-effective 1RU chassis.  The chassis supports transport for (1) or (2) 100G client signals over a linear DWDM OTU4V (127 Gbps) line signal with Polarization Multiplexed Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (PM-QPSK) modulation format.  An integrated Optical Supervisory Channel supports end-to-end DCN connectivity. 



Forward Error Correction (HGFEC or SDFEC) lowers OSNR requirements and increases optical transmission budget
Integrated Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) enables end-to-end management and communication
IPG’s 100G coherent CFP line interface from Menara Networks includes an integrated EDFA supporting up to +3dBm launch power
IPG EAR Series amps (1RU) can enhance optical launch power to max. 14dBm, with optional preamp for <-40dB receive level
Up to +28dB optical link budget supported without external amps

Operating Temperature

+5°C to +40°C/ +41°F to +113°F Long Term Ambient

Operating Humidity 5% to 80% Non-condensing

Redundant -48 VDC feeds (-36 to -72 VDC range)
Maximum 350 W Power Consumption (fully loaded)


STM1/4/16, FEC insertion, Opt. APR
Control, Opt. Dual Operation


2.5G, 17 dBm Output, Opt. Low Dispersion

Transponder 10G, FEC

OTU1/2.5G Line, 4xSTM4 or 2xGE Client


OTU2/10G Line 4x2.5G or 8xGE Client 


OTU3/40G Line, 4xSTM64/10GE/OTU2 Client

Muxponder  OTU4/100G Line, 10xSTM64/10GE/OTU2 Client
Transponder  OSC, APR Control, Opt. GE Clear Channel 
100G Dual Transponder System


CLEC, Electric Utility, Transportation, Pipeline and Private Networks

Submarine and Underseas Networks 

Telemetry Transport

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