Hybrid Amplifier

ExtendedReach Optical Hybrid Amplifier System

Long-haul, High-capacity DWDM Link Extension

IPG Photonics’ Optical Hybrid Amplifier System radically modifies traditional DWDM network engineering requirements for Intermediate Line Amplifiers to support long-haul DWDM signal transport between end nodes.  The system completely eliminates costly ILAs from most applications, with multiple integrated amplifier modules including a booster EDFA, preamp EDFA, and a single, or dual wavelength Raman amplifier. An integrated Optical Supervisory Channel supports end-to-end DCN connectivity.  The system also supports end-to-end transparent transport for a 3rd party OSC



Booster EDFA, Preamp EDFA, Dual Raman Supports Full 96 Lambda DWDM Wavelength Plan Eliminates Multiple Intermediate Line Amplifier (ILA) Locations Depending on ILA Spacing & Fiber Loss Characteristics
Up to 70dB Optical Budget Transparent Transport for 3rd Party Optical Supervisory Channel
1 Rack Unit (RU) Vertical Mounting Supports Class 1M Laser Safety
Operating Mode DWDM, up to 96ch (50 GHz ITU-T fixed Grid)
Operating Spectral Range, nm 1528.77 to 1566.77
Dual OSC 1610 nm (Internal OSC) + Transparent 3rd Party OSC Transport
BOOSTER Composite Pin Range, dBm -5 to +15
BOOSTER Composite Pout Range, dBm Up to +25
BOOSTER Nominal Gain Range, dB 10 to +20
PREAMP Composite Pin Range, dBm -30 to -5 (with BWD Raman Gain up to 20 dB)
PREAMP Composite Pout Range, dBm Up to +15
PREAMP Effective Noise Figure, dB -1 (with BWD Raman Gain 20 dB)
RAMAN PUMP Dual Wavelength, nm 1427±1 & 1455±1
RAMAN PUMP Power/ Wavelength, dBm Up to +30
RAMAN PUMP Nominal Gain Range, dB 10 to +25
Power Supply -36 to -72 VDC (Standard) or 100 to 240 VAC, Dual, Redundant, Hot Swappable
Max Total Power Consumption, W <100
Operating Temperature Range, °C 0 to +40
Weight, kg 7.9
Overall Dimensions, W x H x D, mm 480.53 x 43.62 x 346
ExtendedReach Hybrid Amplifier System Datasheet


DWDM Networks Wireless Backhaul
Utility Communication Networks Remote Site Access Extension
Data Center Interconnect
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