HLPP-2090, 100-500 ps, up to 20 W

Fiber Pumped Ho:YAG Mode-locked Pulsed Laser


IPG Photonics HLPP-2090-10-100-20 Ho:YAG mode-locked picosecond laser provides up to 20 W output power at 2090 nm and repetition rate 80 to 200 MHz. The mode-locked Ho:YAG head is pumped by IPG's efficient and reliable thulium fiber laser. The Ho:YAG-2090 pulsed laser addresses non-metal materials processing, scientific and medical applications.



Pulse Duration 100-500 ps
Output Power up to 20 W
Repetition Rate 80-200 MHz
PRELIMINARY HLPP-2090-10-100-20
Wavelength, nm  2090
Repetition Rate, MHz  80-200
Pulse Energy, nJ typ. 10
Pulse Duration, ps  100-500
Maximum Average Power, W 20
Polarization  Linear, > 100:1
Beam Mode Quality
Warm Up Time, min  < 5 from standby, 15 from cold start

Custom output powers, repetition rates and pulse durations are available upon request.


Integrated Pump Laser*
IPG's CW Thulium Fiber Laser

Pump Laser Dimensions (W × D × H), mm

448 × 403 × 132

Optical Head Dimensions (W × D × H), mm

213 x 483 x 87
Supply Voltage, 50-60 Hz, VAC 110-240

* Pump laser model depends on combination of parameters.

HLPP-2090 Laser Datasheet


Plastics Marking Spectroscopy
Plastics Cutting & Welding LIDAR
Medical Therapy, Surgery OPO Pump Source

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