Multi-mode Fiber-coupled Diode Lasers

IPG Photonics’ PLD-10 Series fiber-coupled diode lasers provide up to 10 W of output power within 0.13 NA. PLD-10 diode options include 105 μm or 110 μm fiber core diameter, and center wavelength at 920 nm, 940 nm or 960 nm. IPG’s best-in-class diode technology offers an ideal combination of power, reliability and form factor. PLD-10 diode lasers are preferred for fiber amplifier and laser pumping, material processing and direct diode applications.



920, 940, 960 nm Center Wavelengths

High Reliability
10 W Output Power Robust Compact Package
0.13 NA into 105 or 110 μm Fiber Core Diameter Options
Center Wavelength, nm 920, 940, 960
Center Wavelength Tolerance, nm ± 3
Output Power, W 10
Spectral Width (FWHM), nm 5
Slope Efficiency, W/A 0.7
Conversion Efficiency, % 48
Threshold Current (ITH), A 0.6
Operating Current (IOP), A 12
Forward Voltage, V 1.7
Recommended Case Temperature, ⁰C 25
Wavelength Shift with Temperature, nm/⁰C 0.35
Wavelength Shift with Operating Current, nm/A < 2.4

* Typical performance data measured at 12 A, 25⁰C.

Fiber Core Diameter, μm 105 or 110 options available
Fiber Cladding Diameter, μm 125
Fiber Buffer Diameter, μm 250
Beam Numerical Aperture (90% power) 0.13
Fiber Length, m 0.75 - 1.2
Minimum Fiber Bend Radius, mm 30
Operating Current (IOP), A 14
Reverse Voltage, V 2.5
Case Temperature, ⁰C 5 to 70
Storage Temperature, ⁰C 30 to 80

Lead Soldering Temperature (10 s max) ⁰C

Relative Humidity, % 85
PLD-10 Diode Laser Datasheet



DPSS Laser Pumping Materials Processing
Fiber Laser Pumping Medical & Dental
Graphic Arts/ Printing Plastic Microwelding
Illumination Photovoltaics
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