Process Heads

IPG Photonics' reliable, compact and energy efficient

fiber lasers offer ultimate flexibility in materials

processing applications. Fiber lasers are power

scalable with no change in beam mode

parameters, making the same laser equally

suited for high, medium and low power

applications. A wide range of optical

heads and scanners allows fiber lasers

to be easily optimized for different

applications from precision

cutting to welding, marking

and surface treatment.


D30 Welding Head

D50 weld

D50 Welding Head

D30 wobble

D30 Wobble Head

D50 wobble and ST

D50 Wobble Head


Seam Stepper

dual spot

Dual-spot Module

Beam Shaper

Beam Shaper Module

Seam Finder

Seam Finder

Wire Feeder

Wire Feeder Module



IPG’s welding head technology is designed to deliver the highest amounts of laser power in a compact and cost-effective package.  Its completely modular design allows easy access to all important components of the sub-system, increasing serviceability of the product in the field without compromising reliability.  IPG welding heads are available with the widest selection of collimator and focusing optics in order to provide the right spot size and the working distance for the application.  The welding heads are also available with a variety of accessories and modules in order to help integration, process monitoring and additional unique features.  

IPG cutting heads are designed for both reliability and cut quality in mind.  Their entirely sealed architecture both increase the lifetime of the optics and prevent leakage of gas even under very high pressures.  Although it features an air-tight seal, the design of the cutting head also provides easy access to the optics which can be serviced in the field.  The optical design of the cutting heads complements the unmatched beam quality of IPG lasers and deliver the optimal spot at and around the focal plane. This results in higher cutting speeds for a given laser power and a noticeable improvement in cut quality.  IPG cutting head is available with the widest selection of collimator and focusing optics as well as additional accessories and optional features.

IPG’s high power lasers push the limits of technology expanding the capabilities of lasers in industrial material processing.  To achieve this goal, beam delivery products such as process heads have been taken to the next level.  IPG’s state-of-the-art welding heads, cutting heads and scanning based processing systems have been designed to provide previously unprecedented results under unmatched laser power-levels. 

IPG’s expertise in optical design for high-laser powers laid the foundations of its beam delivery products.  Combining it with vast amounts of applications knowledge garnered by countless high-power lasers installed in the field, IPG continues pushing the envelope of laser material processing by designing  sub-systems that complement its laser technology.

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