Research and Development

IPG Photonics’ industry leading amplifiers and

lasers are ideal for use in a laboratory

environment in fields such as

telecommunications, photonics

switching, sensoring,

component testing, and

product test beds.

  • Desktop Raman lasers with up to 30 W output power and Erbium Amplifiers with up to 5 W saturated output power are available. The instruments have a monitor display, a keyed on/off switch, power control, and fiber input/outputs.
  • Standard Raman Laser Desktop instruments provide an optical output in the range of 1100-1700 nm, as specified by each customer.
  • Erbium Amplifier Desktop instruments provide amplification of an optical input signal in the 1535-1570 nm region (EAD-C) and in the 1575-1605 nm region (EAD-L) with bandwidth of 35 nm.
   lasers for R&D
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