DWDM, Long- and Ultra-long-haul

DWDM is the preferred solution to a majority of

service providers. It extends the life of the

existing fibers and reduces operational and

capital expenses by maximizing their

bandwidth capacity. DWDM solutions

also provide the mechanism to

integrate seamlessly and transport

TDM and SONET/SDH signals with

Gigabit Ethernet and SAN extension.

DWDM networks provide a true

transparent optical network.

Repeaterless Optical Telemetry in Electrical Power Transmission Links and Oil, Gas and Water
Critical infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines and electricity transmission, requires extremely reliable, real-time monitoring and control technology. Increasingly, the monitoring and control of critical networks is accomplished over fiber optic lines. Many of the more recent electrical transmission links extend over very long distances. The generation of energy from renewable sources such as hydro, wind and solar often means that the generation of energy is separated over long distances from the areas of consumption. IPG’s technology eliminates the need for optical regeneration of telemetry communication signals and saves costly capital and operational expenditures for the owners and operators of these critical infrastructures. IPGs’ vertically integrated manufacturing process is unique among optical amplifier suppliers. IPG controls the performance, cost and yield of both active fibers and semiconductor pump diodes - the core technology of our fiber laser and amplifier products. This vertical integration enables IPG to produce some of the highest power optical amplifiers in the world with very low Noise Figures.

  Repeaterless Optical Telemetry in Electrical Power Transmission Links

Long-haul Optical Transmission in Submarine Communication Links

Long-haul Optical Transmission in Submarine Communication Links
Some of the world’s longest optical communication links are underwater and connect the world’s continents via submarine telecommunication cables. Optical amplification is a critical enabling technology for these applications. IPG is supplying the highest power amplification technology available for submarine cable links, including a 5 Watt, 1276 nm Raman laser that is used for 3rd order distributed Raman amplification.


Metro and Long-haul Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
DWDM is a technology that expands the capacity of optical networks, allowing service providers to extend the life of existing fiber networks and reduce operating and capital costs by maximizing bandwidth capacity. IPG provides a broad range of high-power products for DWDM applications including EDFAs and Raman lasers. IPG also provides a DWDM transport system called the Optical Services Transport Platform (OSTP) that offers service providers and private network operators a simple and flexible solution scalable to 80 channels that aggregates and multiplexes multiprotocol clients into optical transport network signals operating at 10, 40 and 100 gigabits per second per channel.

  long haul DWDM
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