Broadband Access

Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) applications open up

a world of services to the end user by bringing

the fiber bandwidth ever closer to the home or

business. IPG has developed a series of

EDFA products that support different

optical network architectures in this

market that includes Passive Optical

Network (PON), BPON (broadband

PON), EPON (Ethernet PON) and

GPON (Gigabit PON).

IPG’s EDFA technology is deployed in cable TV networks all over the world. IPG’s EDFAs cost-effectively amplify optical RF signals for transmission over long distances and enable optical signals to be split to feed multiple paths. As CATV node sizes are shrinking to enable greater dedicated bandwidth delivery to each connected subscriber, multiple wavelengths are deployed in the CATV distribution network to enable network segmentation in existing HFC architectures. IPG’s high power single-mode amplification has very low noise figure, eliminates distortion products and minimizes four-wave-mixing in these DWDM CATV applications. IPG offers single-mode pumped, chassis-based EDFAs that are used in CATV transmission networks enabling the delivery of CATV signals from the head end to remote locations greater than 120 miles/ 200 km with minimal distortion.  

EDFA technology

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks offer the highest available bandwidth to connected subscribers of any broadband network. In many FTTH networks, an optical RF signal is delivered to each connected user and typically supports broadcast analog and digital video. This technique is called Wavelength Overlay, as the optical RF signal is multiplexed onto a 3rd wavelength on the delivery fiber and resides in the optical C-band, suitable for optical amplification. EDFAs are used to amplify and distribute this signal to every Passive Optical Network (PON) in the FTTH network. IPG’s multi-port EDFAs offer the highest power density in the industry for this application, thereby economizing the application with the least amount of physical rack space and electrical power. IPG’s multi-port EDFAs are currently deployed in some of the world’s largest FTTH wavelength overlay networks.  

FTTH network

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