IPG Statement Regarding Operations in Russia

IPG Photonics Corporation hopes that the tragic crisis in Ukraine reaches a resolution as swiftly as possible and our thoughts are with all of those who have been impacted. Our top priority continues to be the safety and well-being of our employees and their families – including our nearly 2,000 colleagues in Russia. Based on the state of the situation, we have suspended new investments in our Russian operations, curtailed development projects (shutting down some existing projects) and have made progress towards shifting manufacturing capacity from Russia to our facilities in Western Europe and the U.S. We will continue to closely monitor events and provide business updates as appropriate.

Read our related March 3rd press release here


Eugene A. Scherbakov Ph.D., succeeds Valentin P. Gapontsev, Ph.D., as IPG Photonics CEO

As of May 04, 2021 Eugene A. Scherbakov Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director of IPG Laser GmbH, Senior Vice President, Europe and Director, succeeds Valentin P. Gapontsev, Ph.D., as IPG Photonics CEO. Dr. Valentin Gapontsev, founder of the Company, CEO and Chairman of the Board, becomes Executive Chairman and continues his involvement in directing research and development and strategy.


Laser Welding and Smart Manufacturing

Inline weld monitoring solves a number of the long-standing challenges inherent to real-time data collection for laser welding. Learn how advanced manufacturers are using this technology to get ready for Industry 4.0.

July 2019, Industrial Laser Solutions
Chris Galbraith


The Next Wave of Industrial Fiber Laser Solutions

IPG innovations are driving down the cost per watt of its lasers while simultaneously shrinking the overall laser footprint. Three new innovations include a quasi-continuous wave (QCW) mode for continuous wave (CW) lasers, a new adjustable mode beam system and a laser depth weld monitoring solution.


Optigrate: Lighting the Way from UCF Labs to International Markets

The company manufactures a component – a bit of glass – that makes lasers more precise and proficient. The growing business helps create high-tech employment positions, which strengthens the region’s economy. In three years, it doubled in size to more than 30 employees – including eight with PhDs and 10 with master’s degrees. Today, it has 400 customers across six continents. Thanks to OptiGrate and its partnership with the University of Central Florida, the region has become a hub for laser technology.


IPG Photonics Announces New Generation of High Power Fiber Lasers

At FABTECH 2018, IPG Photonics introduced a new generation of high power lasers featuring industry leading reliability, the industry’s smallest weight and size, and the industry’s highest wall plug efficiencies. The new generation of lasers incorporate three innovations:  1) QCW 2x Peak Power mode on CW lasers, 2) adjustable mode beam capability and 3) integrated weld monitoring technology. These breakthroughs will further empower IPG customers, providing increased flexibility and speed, while reducing           costs and improving overall throughput.



3 Approaches Show: Fiber Lasers Prepared for E-Mobility

E-mobility transforms mobility and meets the power to transform.

October 2018, Laser Technik Journal

Nikolaus Wanke



Menara Networks, an IPG Photonics company, has been named 2018 Finalist of Fierce INNOVATION Awards in the category Next-Gen Deployment Wireline (advances in broadband architectures for either core networking or the last mile, including fiber, Docsis 3.1, PON, Ethernet, Packet Optical, as well as network edge or access network solutions) for its OTN tunable SFP+ transceiver, a ‘system-in-a-module’ with integrated forward error correction (FEC) and advanced monitoring capabilities.


Fiber Laser Marking and Welding of Polymers Finds New Applications

Efficient fiber lasers enable innovation in medical device manufacturing.

 July 2018, Industrial Laser Solutions

 Brian Baird



IPG Photonics Hosts Inaugural Fiber Forum

On June 5, 2018, IPG Photonics welcomed a large group of representatives from regional manufacturing companies, many from the medical device and microelectronics sectors that New England is famous for. The many dozens of interested manufacturing professionals shared a common goal—to gain a deeper understanding for the industrial uses of the company's broad line of fiber laser products.

 June 2018, Industrial Laser Solutions

  David Belforte, Chief Editor



Recent Advances in Fiber Laser Welding

Fiber laser welding continues to extend its reach across materials and applications. Innovations in laser technology and beam delivery components are overcoming traditionally challenging applications for laser welding, such as welding copper, dissimilar materials, thin metal foils, or poorly fit-up parts.

May 2018, Industrial Laser Solutions

  Vijay Kancharla, Marco Mendes, Michael Grupp, and Brian Baird  



An Engineer’s Guide to Laser Cutting

What is Laser Cutting?
Fiber Lasers vs CO2
Laser Cutting Materials
Laser Cutting vs. Other Processes
  Laser Cutting vs. Plasma
  Laser Cutting vs. Punching
  Laser Cutting vs. Waterjet
  Common Mistakes in Laser Cutting
  Tips for Efficient Laser Cutting
  Advice for Buying a CNC Laser Cutter
  Industrial Laser Cutting

  April 2018, engineering.com


Menara Networks Announces Customer Sampling of 200G Digital Coherent CFP2-DCO Transceiver

Menara Networks, an IPG Photonics business and a vertically integrated provider of IP/Ethernet DWDM transport solutions, today announced it is now sampling its Coherent CFP2-DCO transceivers to selected customers.


IPG Photonics Added to S&P 500® Index

S&P Dow Jones Indices announced that IPG Photonics will be added to the S&P 500 Index effective prior to the open of trading on March 7.


The Active Fiber - Winter 2018 Newsletter

The Active Fiber is an IPG Photonics' quarterly newsletter featuring company news, product updates, and notable applications. To subscribe to the Active fiber or for more information on products and processes discussed in this issue, please contact sales.us@ipgphotonics.com.


 ImageFiber Optic Technology Equips Fiber Laser Machines for Mass Production Applications in Multiple Markets

 Thanks to the the advancement of fiber optic technology and the move towards automation, many more industries are adopting fiber lasers. IPG Photonics is leading the way by developing all technology in-house, making fiber lasers an economical solution for most applications.

January 2018, FF Journal


New Laser Technologies Displacing Old

High-power fiber and diode lasers are reshaping the materials processing sector, while powerful blue lasers are finding their niche in select welding applications.

January 2018, Photonics Spectra

Hank Hogan


The OSA Foundation Siegman International School on Lasers

This week long program hosted in 2017 by Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (CIO), Leon Mexico, co-founded by the OSA Foundation and IPG Photonics, provides up to 100 graduate students from around the world the opportunity to advance their education, foster future collaboration, and promote research and engineering for the optical community.

August 2017, The Optical Society of America


IPG Photonics Partners with MC Machinery

MC Machinery will partner on sales and service of IPG’s multi-axis fiber laser system, providing product solutions for a range of applications. IPG Systems' line of multi-axis laser processing workstations can be configured for welding, cutting, drilling, or cladding applications. These systems are modular in design and can be sold as stand-alone laser machining workcells or as fully automated processing units through the addition of custom-designed part handling.

   August 2017, Today's Medical Developments


IPG Photonics: Fiber Optic Laser Juggernaut

Fiber lasers have made tremendous advances in the past 10 years. IPG has reduced costs through vertical integration, and it has expanded into materials processing.

July 2017, Seeking Alpha


Copper Welding with High-Brightness Fiber Lasers

The consumer electronics and automotive industry are the driving forces for an increased use of  copper in industrial processes and products. With the development of new battery technologies and higher battery capacities, the demands to the joining technologies are increasing. While soldering is still the state of the art for low power applications in consumer electronics, it is necessary to apply welding technology whenever high currents have to be transmitted, or high and dynamic loads stress the joints. The e-mobility sector is especially driving this trend and the automotive industry and its suppliers are looking for robust and efficient processes for high volume production in electrical power storage and transmission line applications.
June 2017, Laser Technik Journal
Michael Grupp and Nils Reinermann

IPG Photonics Acquires OptiGrate Corporation

IPG Photonic has acquired OptiGrate Corporation, a pioneer and leading manufacturer of the highest-quality chirped volume Bragg grating (VBG) technologies. OptiGrate VBG-based components enable dramatic performance improvement, miniaturization and cost reduction of ultrafast pulsed lasers for micro materials processing, medical and other applications.

June 2017, Nasdaq GlobeNewswire


Wobbler: An Elegant Solution to Common Welding Problems

The recent introduction of an easily integrated technology, based on a beam wobbling technique, is helping overcome difficulties in welding reflective materials such as copper and aluminum as well as dissimilar materials. This cost effective technique is helping to resolve porosity and hot cracking issues with laser welding, while making part-fit up to 3x more forgiving in terms of seam gap and seam offset. By enabling independent control of penetration depth, spot velocity, weld speed and seam width, welding applications can be further improved to help achieve better welds both structurally and visually which eliminates the need for post processing. This webinar will present case studies for such applications in detail. 

April 26 2017, Industrial Laser Solutions

Presented by: Mustafa Coskun and Tony Hoult


Fiber Laser Welding Technique Joins Challenging Metals

Method works with single-mode and multi-mode fiber lasers.

March 2017, Industrial Laser Solutions

Bryce Samson, Tony Hoult, Mustafa Coskun


BIOLASE Announces the FDA Clearance and Worldwide Launch of Epic Pro™ Diode Laser System

“The collaboration between IPG Medical and BIOLASE has been exciting,” said IPG Medical President Gregory Altshuler, Ph.D. “The Epic Pro with IPG Medical’s super pulse diode laser offers all new computer-controlled thermal super pulsing capability with real-time tip temperature monitoring and automatic power control designed to assist dentists in performing procedures quickly and with great precision. This new feature is a very significant innovation that we believe will provide the technological basis for other
                                                clinical modalities.”

January 2017, Business Wire


IPG Photonics Acquired Biophotonic Solutions, Inc.

IPG completed the acquisition of operating assets, IP and certain liabilities associated with Biophotonic Solutions, Inc. (BSI). BSI specializes in pulse compression and shaping system/ software for ultrafast lasers. 

December 2016, IPG Photonics


IPG's GLPN-100 green fiber laser is used to promote Disney's new movie

On Dec 5, Disney transformed the iconic Spaceship Earth globe at Epcot into the Death Star.  Imagineers used lasers and other special effects as part of a promotion for the new movie,  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Video Link

December 2016, FOX35 Orlando


TWI's LaserSnake Wins Award

The collaborative R&D project LaserSnake2 won the 2016 Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Award for Technology/Innovation Implementation. An integrated snake-arm robot and fiber laser cutting technology successfully completed an active in-cell size reduction task at Sellafield’s First Generation Reprocessing Plant, proving it to be a versatile system for in-situ decommissioning tasks.

November 2016, Association of Industrial Laser Users


Laser Micro-keyhole Method can Weld Problem Metals

High-brightness fiber lasers weld at very high speed.

November 2016, Industrial Laser Solutions

Tony Hoult


Laser Welding Joins the Lightweighting Trend

Use of high-strength steel and aluminum alloys drives adoption of fiber lasers in automotive production.

October 2016, Industrial Photonics

James Schlett


Low Cost 2 μm Laser Scalpel Uses Ceramic Gain Materials

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nizhniy Novgorod State University, NTO IRE-Polus and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have developed a ceramic-based laser that cuts tissue with minimal trauma and is at least two times less expensive than lasers using high-quality crystal-grown lasing materials.

September 2016, Laser Focus World

Gail Overton


Recent Breakthroughs in Solid-State Mid-IR Laser Technology

Lasers based on transition metal doped II-VI chalcogenides are coming of age for practical applications.

June 2016, Laser Technik Journal

Sergey Vasilyev, Igor Moskalev, Mike Mirov, Viktor Smolsky, Sergey Mirov and Valentin Gapontsev


IPG Photonics Ranked #21 on Fast Tech 25 2016 list

IPG Photonics has again been named as one of the fastest growing American companies in technology sector.

May 2016, Forbes Magazine


LaserSnake Sucessfully Completes Second Cutting Trials

The snake-arm robot equipped with YLS-5000 IPG fiber laser has shown itself to be a versatile system for in-situ nuclear decommissioning tasks.

May 2016, QC Robotics


Fiber Optics: From ‘Piping Light’ to All-Optical Communications

IPG Photonics recently developed an innovative fiber optics-based GLPN-500-R laser, which combination of single-mode beam quality, short wavelength, short pulse duration and higher power allow exploration of new applications. A year after the Prism Award win, IPG has continued to enhance the laser architecture and optimize its components, resulting in a significant reduction in form factor.

   May 2016, Photonics Spectra

   Justin Murphy


IPG Announces Acquisition of Menara Networks

IPG Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: IPGP) announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Menara Networks, Inc., an innovator of enhanced optical transmission modules and systems, allowing IPG to offer more integrated telecom solutions and expanding IPG’s current telecom product offerings.

May 2016, StreetInsider


NC3540LS Prototype with IPG Photonics Fiber Laser Addresses Large Exhibitor Screens

NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced NC3540LS digital cinema prototype, a 4K RGB laser projector with a bright and wide color space (Rec 2020) targeting large theater screens. The NC3540LS model can be configured in a two-projector stacking setup to deliver 70,000 lumens.

April 2016, Business Wire


IPG’s NEW 3P/6P Luminaire Laser System

Laser illuminated digital projection  is the future of the digital cinema industry. Spectacular color purity, high brightness and longevity make lasers the illumination technology of choice. IPG Photonics, the leading manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers, has developed cutting-edge technology extending the benefits into the visible light spectrum.

April 2016, CinemaCon, Las Vegas


Cutting up the Energy Sector

More than 20 nuclear sites in the UK will need to be decommissioned by 2030 and this has prompted engineers to find novel techniques to help such sites safely end their working lives.

Spring 2016, Laser Systems Europe

Gemma Church


Simplified Repeater-less 100G DWDM Transmission for Metro and Data Center Interconnection

A turn-key, integrated IP over DWDM 100G solution is optimized for metro and data center interconnections, supporting plug-and-play compatibility with all major MPLS routers and Ethernet switches and eliminating all mid-span amplifiers in optical links up to 250 km or 150 miles.

March 2016, Business Wire


Laser Systems Have use in Large-diameter Tube and Pipe Cutting

Fiber Laser machines produce large tubes in a single, completely automatic cycle with an accuracy and repeatability that cannot be matched by the old manual processes.

March 2016, Industrial Laser Solutions

Giovanni Zacco


Kilowatt-level Fiber Lasers Mature

Although todays's high-power CW fiber lasers have their origins in telecom technology, they have long since left that arena and become naturals at reliable, capable materials processing.

March 2016, Laser Focus World

John Wallace


New generation of high average power industry grade ultrafast ytterbium fiber lasers

IPG Photonics developed an industrial grade picosecond and femtosecond pulse Yb fiber lasers with >100 μJ pulse energy and hundreds of Watts of average power for improved laser machining speed of sapphire and glass.

March 2016, SPIE Conference Paper

Alex Yusim, Igor Samartsev, Oleg Shkurikhin, Daniil Myasnikov, Andrey Bordenyuk, Nicholai Platonov, Vijay Kancharla, Valentin Gapontsev


Over 50 Percent Wall-Plug Efficiency Fiber Laser

World record wall-plug efficiency for high power industrial lasers

April 2016, Laser Technik Journal

Michael Stark


Fiber Lasers Continue to Gain Market Share in Material Processing Applications

Fiber lasers offer users the lowest price per watt with the highest beam quality.

Feb 2016, Manufacturing Engineering

Bill Shiner


QCW Fiber Lasers Come of Age

Wall-plug efficiency, high PRR are just two benefits of the new laser technology 

February 2016, Canadian Industrial Machinery

Shawn Murphy (IPG Photonics) and Gary Loringer (Paradigm Precision)


Fiber Lasers: Multiple Laser Beam Materials Processing

Fiber lasers producing different spot sizes, pulse durations, or wavelengths can be combined into a single process for applications such as brazing, welding, and surface texturing.

February 2016, Laser Focus World

Toby Strite, Andreas Gusenko, Michael Grupp, and Tony Hoult


Fiber Laser Enables Marking of Advanced Plastics

In-line inkless laser marking now replaces traditional rotary gravure and pad printing.

January/February 2016, Industrial Laser Solutions

Scott R. Sabreen


2015 Laser Market Outperforms Global Manufacturing Instability

Fiber laser sales continue to drive growth. There is only one company showing strong double-digit growth: IPG Photonics.

January/February 2016, Industrial Laser Solutions

David A. Belforte


Laser surface texturing with new fiber lasers

Pulsed Fiber lasers have use in new applications

November/December 2015, Industrial Laser Solutions

Tony Hoult and Artur Amidon, IPG Photonics


Laser seam stepper takes on conventional welding

Tool yields high repeatability without rework or post-processing

July/August 2015, Industrial Laser Solutions

Michael Weiner, IPG Photonics


Maybe the most flexible laser — ever!

Fiber laser finds utility in welding applications

July/August 2015, Industrial Laser Solutions

Tony Hoult


Laser Cutting of CFRP

Using a 30 kW Fiber Laser

July/August 2015, LIA Today

Dirk Herzog, Mattias Shmidt-lehr, Marten Canisius, Max Oberlander, Jan-Phillip Tasche and Claus Emmelmann


Clamp, enclose, laser-weld

Laser welding requires the right enclosure, clean environment and proper clamping. One technology tackles all three challenges.

June 2015, The Fabricator

Tim Heston


Fiber Laser Micromachining in High Volume Manufacturing

A new generation of IPG QCW fiber lasers enables high throughput drilling, scribing, and cutting with micromachining quality.

May/June 2015, Industrial Laser Solutions

Marco Mendes, Rouzbeh Sarrafi, Joshua Schoenly, and Roy VanGemert


Focusing  Fiber from Afar

As fiber becomes cheaper, R&E Automated Systems keeps remote laser welding systems dialed in for automakers

May 2015, FF Journal

Nick Wright, Executive Editior


Kerr-lens mode-locking in polycrystalline Cr:ZnS and Cr:ZnSe competes with Ti:sapphire

New fs lasers provide multiwatt output power, pulse durations approaching three optical cycles, and three-wave-mixing effects.

May 2015, Laser Focus World

Sergey Vasilyev, Mikhail Mirov, and Valentin Gapontsev



FDA-Approved Additives Boost Inline Plastics Laser Marking

Designed for affordable fiber lasers, inline inkless laser marking now replaces rotary gravure and pad printing.

April/May 2015, Plastics Decorating

Scott R. Sabreen


How IPG Photonics Is Tapping Into The Auto Boom

IPG Photonics is a major player in the industrial laser market, and its particular focus within the industry has left it best able to capitalize on the strength in the auto industry both in the U.S. and elsewhere across the globe.

Dan Caplinger, Investor Central



What's new with 100 kW fiber lasers?

ILS editorial advisor Dr. Kunihiko Washio, on a lab tour at the NADEX Laser R & D Center (Tsuruga, Japan), witnessed the following experiment with a 100kW fiber laser welding SUS 304 stainless steel at 100kW (1mm-diameter spot size)...

Jan 2015,  Industrial Laser Solutions


What can lasers do with composites?

Lasers show promise for composite manufacturing in the aerospace industry

Industrial Laser Solutions

Tony Hoult, IPG Photonics


Fiber Lasers in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is one that can benefit greatly from conversion to fiber lasers.

Industrial Laser Solutions
Bill Shiner, IPG Photonics


High Power Fiber Lasers for Geothermal, Oil and Gas Industries
A high-power fiber laser succeeds in drilling through ultra-hard crystalline rock.

Mark Zediker


2014 Large Business Leader of the Year
Business Leaders of the Year 2014: Valentin Gapontsev, IPG Photonics

Michael Novinson


First Down Laser line seeks NFL implementation
The laser line system developed by First Down Laser Systems projects a visible green line onto the field of play.

Laser Focus World
Gail OvertonSenior Editor



Resistance Spot-Welding Gun Meets Fiber Laser
IPG Laser Seam Stepper welding modules enable high-volume automotive production.

Industrial Photonics
Dr. Klaus Krastel and Holger Mamerow, IPG Laser GmbH


Banding Together Improvises New Product
Lincoln Electric Automation partnered with IPG Photonics to develop new processes and market laser systems.

March 2013, Industrial Laser Solutions
Paul Denney


High Power Fibre Lasers, Sub Micron Lasers and Other Welding Advances
Fiber laser welding of Eastman's Tritan copolyester enables clear seams to be produced without the need for additives.

April 2013, Medical Plastics News


Tritan Finds New Application in IPG Medical Technology
The IPG technology can weld clear-to-clear polymers with fiber lasers and create welds almost invisible to the human eye.

April 2013, Plastics News
Roger Renstrom


OSA Foundation Receives $250,000 Donation from IPG Photonics for Siegman International School on Lasers
The donation will go toward providing world-class lecturers, important student travel grants and achievement awards as well as other general programming costs.

May 2013, The Optical Society
Brielle Day


IPG Photonics #5 Forbes Fastest Growing Tech Companies
America's Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2013

June 2013, Forbes
Scott DeCarlo and Tomio Geron


Leveraging Laser Technology
4.5 kW quasi-continuous IPG fiber laser enables cutting titanium

July 2013, Modern Machine Shop
Derek Korn


Laser Welding Plastic Was Highlight of MDM East
With the 2 mm lasers, two otherwise ‘transparent’ materials can be welded cleanly, quickly and efficiently.

July 2013 Industrial Laser Solutions
Ron Schaeffer, PhD CEO of PhotoMachining 


Using Fiber Lasers for Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe
An emerging option for tube, pipe producers

Kevin Arnold, P.E., Brian Kopack, Chris Pilcher, Brad Trees


Progress in Lasers Improves Polymer Joining
Thulium fiber lasers are promising for laser welding clear polymers for the medical device and other industries.

August 2013, Plastics Decorating
by Tony Hoult, IPG Photonics


Fiber Lasers Poised to Impact Aerospace Component Drilling
Fiber lasers offer an alternative to pulsed Nd:YAG lasers for drilling cooling holes in turbine components.

August 13, 2013, Laser Focus World
Bill Shiner


Dramatic Global Success of a High Tech Startup from Russia

2013, Stanford University
Evgeny Chernykh

Dramatic technology paradigm shift
The business founder as strong leader and visionary
Disruptive innovation
Vertical integration
Global approach


IPG Ranked #8 Fortune's Fastest-Growing Companies

Rank: 8
3-year average
Revenue Growth: 46%
Profit Growth: 153%
Total Return: 59%


High Hopes for Hiring 175 More
The new jobs are expected to come with the company’s proposed $18.1 million, 101,500-square-foot expansion. 

January 2012, Laser Focus World

Ellie Oleson


Super Lasers to Speed Up Nuclear Decommissioning

Lasers save time, increase productivity and introduce new technology, with resultant major impact on company bottom line and long term market position.

January 2012, Laser Focus World
Stan Wilford


Drilling with Fiber Lasers

Pulse fiber lasers lessen acquisition and operating costs.

January 2012, Industrial Laser Solutions 
Jens Dietrich and Ingomar Kelbassa


"Smart Additives" Enhance Plastics Laser Marking
The newest generation of laser marking “smart additives” incorporated into polymers is a quantum leap in technology, which is both enabling and cost-saving.

February 2012, Industrial Laser Solutions
Scott Sabreen


Fiber Laser Technology Broadens Out

Mid-infrared laser wavelengths open up new processes.

May 2012, Industrial Laser Solutions
Tony Hoult


Fiber Laser Process Targets Medical Platics Welding
A powerful laser technology originally developed for the telecommunications industry is now targeting plastic welding, and has significant implications for medical markets because it eliminates use of dyes and other additive extractables.

May 2012, Plastics Today 
Doug Smock


IPG Photonics #2 in Boston Globe 100

May 2012, Boston Globe 


YLR-5-1070-LP Used in Laser Tweezer Application
Journal detailing the use of IPG lasers in medical applications.

June 2012, PLOS One
Georgia Tech


Hybrid Process Welds Thick-walled Tubes
Use of high-power lasers combined with GMAW in hydraulics manufacturing reduces time and material consumpion.

June 2012, Welding Journal
TU Berlin


Robotics Cut New Path in Hot Metal Stamping

Robotic laser cutting provides balance of performance and capital flexibility, helping company enter and expand in hot stamping.

June 2012, 
Doug Hixon, ABB


IPG Ranked #9 Fortune's Fastest-Growing Companies 2012

Fortune's fastest growing companies.

September 2012


Laser Cutting Helps Company Survive the Recession

November 2012, Industrial Laser Solutions
Antonio Vendramini


IPG Photonics' GLR-100 Fiber Laser Named PRISM Award 2013 Industrial Lasers Finalist
The finalists for the 2013 Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation, an annual program sponsored by SPIE and Photonics Media that recognizes innovative photonic products, have been identified.

November 2012, Laser Focus World
Lee Mather


Fiber Lasers Drill for Oil
20 kW of laser power delivered through a special optical fiber can drill through hard rock.

December 2012, Laser Focus World

Jeff Hecht


Laser Companies Look to Rocket Out of the Recession
Lynn Savage explores laser uses and market trends.

January 2011, Photonics 
Lynn Savage


IPG Photonics receives Prestigious 2010 Prism Award in Industrial Lasers Category for QCW Fiber Laser
The Quasi Continuous Wave pulsed fiber laser replaces the aging population of inefficient flashlamp-pumped solid state lasers with much smaller and longer lasting diode pumped devices.

January 2011


GE Speeds Steel Welding with Hybrid Laser Too
GE's HLAW systemwields enough power to weld steels nearly one-inch thick in a single pass versus the up to a half dozen passes required with current welding technologies.

April 2011


Cut it Out
Stephen Mounsey looks at some of the latest developments in laser technology's staple application areas: cutting, welding and drilling.

May 2011, Electro Optics


Murray Touts Innovation Economy during Visit to IPG
The lieutenant governor's visit was part of the administration's commitment to supporting the state's innovation economy.

May 2011, Worcester Telegram & Gazette 
Brian Lee


Valentin Gapontsev, IPG's CEO, Awarded Prestigious 2010 Russian Federation National Award in Science and Technology
The 2010 Russian Federation National Award in Science and Technology is conferred to Valentin Gapontsev for his set of innovative designs and his creation of high-quality production of fibre lasers and fibre optic backbone and local connection systems.

June 2011


Driving Vehicle Production
Greg Blackman explores the increasing demand for lasers in the automibile manufacturing industry.

September 2011, Laser Systems Europe
Greg Blackman


Preventing Wear and Tear
Stephen Mounsey looks at the many uses of laser classing, particularly in power and energy generation applications and oil drilling.

September 2011, Laser Systems Europe 
Stephen Mounsey


Fiber Laser Replaces Two CO2 Lasers at KMD
80 year old lasers are replaced with energy efficient alternatives.

October 2011, Salvagnini Group
Steve Williams


The rise of fiber laser cutting
One company’s leap into fiber laser manufacturing

November 2011, Industrial Lasers Solutions

Ricky Hansson


Fiber-laser Technology Grows More Diverse
Fiber lasers offer benefits such as long lifetimes, low complexity, reduced running costs, and low maintenance, which can now be found in a variety of fiber-based products with power levels matching the needs of applications previously served by CO2 lasers.

December 2011, Laser Focus World

Tony Hoult


Solid Defence
Throughout the turbulent economic period, the military and defence market has remained stable.

February 2011, Electro Optics

Warren Clark


Developments in Fiber Laser Technology
Fiber lasers continue to evolve with a wide range of power and applications.

March 2010, Industrial Laser Solutions
Tony Hoult


Fiber Laser Spot Welding
Explores typical application for Laser Seam Steppers.

March, 2010, Industrial Laser Solutions
Klaus Krastel


The Fibre Provider
IPG Photonics is synonymous with the field of fibre lasers, and has been for 20 years, as Warren Clark discovers.

April 2010, Electro Optics
Warren Clark


Analyzing the Potential of the Solid State Laser
Fiber lasers have enormous potential in metal fabrication. They aren't a panacea, but for certain applications, they may be extremely attractive. They're solid-state, require less maintenance, and often can cut twice as fast as their CO2 counterparts.

Tim Heston


Low Maintenance Laser Cutting
The smaller size, low maintenance and high beam quality of fiber lasers are helping persuade some end users who were reluctant to own a laser to make the purchase. And once their new fiber lasers are operational, the users are experiencing improved performance and lower operating costs with minimal upkeep.

September 2010, Modern Metals 
Lauren Duensing


Extending Jet Engine Life

Why a fiber laser? Reliability, beam quality, no consumables, no alignment, CW or pulsed mode, small footprint, high WPE, low cost. 

February 2010, FF Journal

Russ Olexa


IPG Photonics Turned Fiber Bust Into Laser Boom
Following telecom market crash, IPG Photonics has devised a new type of high-powered, mobile and stable fiber laser with many unexpected applications. 



High-power fiber lasers gain market share
The industry, previously skeptical, rushes to fiber technology to reap the benefits

Feb 2006, Industrial Laser Solutions

Bill Shiner


Hybrid Laser-Arc Pipeline Welding
Hybrid laser-arc welding using fibre laser offers significant potential for pipeline welding.

March 2006, ILU Seminar “Fibre lasers: the future of laser materials processing technology?” Cranfield University

D. Yapp and C-J. Kong


Fiber Frenzy
IPG Photonics has begun to gain market share on its extensive line of industrial single-mode and multimode fiber lasers.

June 2004, Laser Focus World

Bill Shiner


Fibre lasers - A new high power beam source for materials processing

In a very short time a new laser type from IPG Laser GmbH reached the multi-kilowatt range for laser materials processing.

September 2003, beim BIAS

M. Grupp, T. Seefeld, F. Vollertsen


Fiber Lasers Grow in Power

Cladding pumping, multifiber side coupling and combining multile single-mode outputs enable industrial multiple kW fiber lasers.

August 2002, Laser Focus World

Valentin Gapontsev and William Krupke



2019 Menara Networks recognized as an honoree and multi-award winner in the 2019 Lightwave Innovation Reviews program
2018 Menara Networks is a Winner of 2018 Fierce INNOVATION Awards
2018 IPG Photonics Ranked #82 on Fortune 100 list of world's fastest growing companies.
2017 2017 Lightwave Innovations Award
Menara Networks/IPG Photonics’ Tunable CFP-ODB 100-Gbps DWDM Transceiver is recognized as one of the top products and solutions available within the optical networking industry.
2016 IPG Photonics Ranked #21 on Fast Tech 25 2016 listForbes Magazine
2015 Prism Award for Photonics Innovation/ Industrial Lasers presented to IPG Photonics for GLPN-500-R 500 W industrial QCW green laser
2014 IPG Photonics Ranked #5 Small Company in AmericaForbes Magazine 
2013 IPG Photonics Ranked #5 on Fast Tech 25 2013 list, Forbes Magazine 
2012 IPG Ranked #9 Fortune's Fastest-Growing Companies 2012Fortune Magazine
2012 IPG Photonics #2 in Boston Globe 100, Boston Globe 
2011 Valentin Gapontsev named Fellow to Optical Society of America 
2011 IPG Photonics Ranked #6 Small Company in AmericaForbes Magazine 
2011 The Globe 100 - Best of Massachusetts Business 2011 - #3 
2011 Russian Federation National Award in Science and TechnologyConferred to Valentin Gapontsev, IPG's Chairman and CEO for his innovative designs and creation of high-quality fiber lasers and fiber optic systems 
2011  Prism Award for Photonics Innovation/ Industrial Lasers presented to IPG Photonics for QCW Fiber Laser 
2009 Arthur L. Schawlow Award Presented to Valentin Gapontsev
2009 Laser Institute of America's President's Award Presented to Bill Shiner
2009  PhAST/LFW Innovation Award Honorable Mention YLS-5000-SM, 5 kW Single-mode Industrial Fiber Laser
2008 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 -500 Fastest Growing Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Life Sciences and Clean Technology Companies in North America
2007  Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies - #442
2007  Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for New England (50 fastest-growing technology and life sciences companies)
2006  Deloitte Technology Fast 500 - 500 Fastest Growing Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Life Sciences and Clean Technology Companies in North America
2006  Top Growth Private Companies, Worcester Business Journal
2006  Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies - #442
2006  Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for New England (50 fastest growing technology and life sciences companies)
2006  CEO Valentin Gapontsev named Ernst & Young New England Entrepreneur of the Year, Industrial Products and Services
2006 Fastest Growing Private Companies in MA (Rank #19), Boston Business Journal March 2006
2005 #2 Fastest Growing Private Company, Worcester Business Journal
2005 Awarded 2005 Photonics Spectra Circle of Excellence Award, 600 watt Single-mode Ytterbium Fiber Laser

IPG Photonics Wins Circle of Excellence Award, Multikilowatt Ytterbium Fiber Laser

2003 Awarded 2003 Photonics Spectra Circle of Excellence Award, Multikilowatt Ytterbium Fiber Laser
2003 Product of the Year Finalist, Photonics Tech Briefs (published by NASA), for ELP 775– Visible 30 W Pulsed Fiber Laser @ 775 nm
2002 Valentin Gapontsev, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award®, New England Finalist
1998 Reltec (Marconi) Award of Excellence: Strategic Supplier Management Program