Multi-axis welding

Multi-Axis Welding

LaserWeld 4-Axis, LaserWeld 4-Axis Compact

The LaserWeld 4-Axis Workcell is a compact and highly cost-efficient tool for welding of a wide range of metal components, enclosures and fabrications. The high pulsed mode peak power of the QCW laser provides deep penetration in highly reflective materials. With a rugged industrial construction, this system includes a granite table and superstructure for thermal and mechanical stability and is easily programmed for maximum tool flexibility. Within the LaserWeld 4-Axis Series, the standard LaserWeld 4-Axis system is configured with enhanced-accuracy stages up to 500 mm travel, while the LaserWeld 4-Axis Compact provides a standard accuracy motion system at a lower cost-point for less demanding applications.



Choice of Lasers Optimized for Penetration of Reflective Materials
Work Envelope (standard) X: 500 mm  Y:300 mm   Z: 300 mm
Rotation About X-axis is Standard;  Additional Axes Optional
G/M code Programming, Full Look-ahead Contouring Capability
Designed, Built and Supported by IPG
  LaserWeld 4-Axis LaserWeld 4-Axis Compact
Laser Power Up to 2000 W CW
2,000/20,000 W QCW
Up to 500 W CW
300/3,000 W QCW
Beam Delivery Options

IPG Photonics’ FLW-D30 Welding Head
IPG Photonics’ FLW-D50 Welding Head

Work Envelope, X × Y × Z, mm

500 × 300 × 300

300 × 300 × 300

Maximum Speed, X/Y mm/s

Z, mm/s






X/Y ±8 µm        Z  ±25 µm

X/Y ±2 µm       Z  ±3 µm

X/Y ±25 µm       Z  ±25 µm

X/Y ±3 µm         Z  ±3 µm 

Motion Platform

Split X/Y Stages
High-force Direct-drive Linear Motors
Ball-screw Drive
50 nm Resolution Linear Encoders
Air-purge to Reduce Contamination


Stainless/ Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass,
Copper, Laminated Foils, Polymers

Controls/ Interface

Industrial Motion Controller, Full Look-ahead Contouring Capability
Laser Power Proportional to Velocity, Windows-based CNC Interface
G/M-code Programming, Editable Materials and
Laser Parameter Database
Optional CAD/ CAM Package with Nesting Feature

Process Gas

Options: Electronic High-pressure (300 psi) Regulator for Cutting
Inputs for Two Cutting Gasses for Easy Material Changeover
Gases Programmable via G/M-code


Aluminum T-slot Table
Optional 4th axis with 5C Collet or 3-jaw Chuck
Optional Cutting Table with Honeycomb Inserts
Optional Pass-through for Roll-feed Applications Available

Safety CDRH Class I Laser System
(Complies with 21 CFR Chapter 1, Subchapter J)
Exhaust 4” Blast Gate with Exhaust Plenum for Cutting Box and Debris Drawer

Dimensions, L × W × H, mm

1600 × 1300 × 2200
63 × 51 × 88

1170 × 810 × 2005
46 × 32 × 79

Weight, kg

1600 kg (3530 lbs.) 


208-230 or 380-480 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 3 PH, 30 A

The Laser Welding Workcell can be custom-configured by IPG to include additional rotary axes and

part handling capabilities. Please consult IPG for custom-designed laser welding solutions.

LaserWeld 4-Axis Workcell DatasheetLaserWeld 4-Axis Compact Workcell Datasheet


Multi-axis Compact System for Laser Welding, Drilling or Cutting Applications   Multi-axis Micro System for Laser Welding, Drilling or Cutting Applications  


Weld Process Monitoring    Wobble & Seam Tracking Module  


Flat Plate Wobble Welding of Aluminum and Copper    Micro Tube Welding