UV Ablation Systems

The IX-255 UV Ablation Systems are highly versatile multi-application laser micromachining tools used in R&D and advanced processing environments. Available with either 193 nm or 248 nm laser sources, these systems deliver on-part beam energy exceeding 25 J/cm2 to provide machining of glass, metals, polymers and ceramics. User-adjustable controls enable either tightly focused or large area beams which can be used for drilling, cutting or selectively removing surface layers of material for 3-D contouring of parts. A uniform beam profile to support high-resolution imaging of complex shapes is available with the optional beam homogenization module. The same UV machining capabilities are available in the IX-280-ML, a similar platform that can be configured with two different laser types providing maximum material and process versatility in a single machining system.


IX-255 Features

High beam energy density for broad machining applications
Good beam uniformity and beam intensity control for process repeatability
UV processing for minimal heat generation in polymers
IPG Proprietary UV laser and beam delivery systems
Highly accurate 3-axes motion system for precise placement
Motion Control Electronics  Up to 8-axes of Servo or Step Motor Control, integrated into
 single interface for all motorized components as well as the laser fire mechanism

X-Y Part Positioning Stage

 Linear Glass Scale Encoders; Linear Motor Servo Drive System
X-Y Stage Specifications  Travel: Up to 125 mm Diameter Standard, Optional up to 150 mm
 Resolution: 0.1 μm
 Accuracy: ±5 μm over 125 × 125 mm travel
 Repeatability: <1.0 μm (bidirectional)
Z-theta Wafer Alignment Stage  Step Motor Drive System for both Z- and Theta-axes
Z-axis Stage Specifications  Travel: 10.0 mm
 Resolution: 0.25 μm
 Accuracy: 5.0 μm 
 Repeatability: ±4.0 μm (bidirectional)
Theta-axis Stage Specifications  Travel: ±175°
 Resolution: 0.001°
 Accuracy: ±0.02°
 Repeatability: ±0.003°
Video Microscope System   MicroTech Camera Assembly
 OXC Camera for On-target Process Viewing
 High Magnification Inspection Camera

 Energy Density

248 nm Beam Size

193 nm Beam Size

High Fluence

25 J/ cm2

50 x 100 µm 40 x 80 µm
Medium Fluence 10 J/ cm2 80 x 160 µm 65 x 130 µm
Large Field 2.0 J/ cm2  175 x 350 µm  140 x 280 µm
Extended Field (Homogenizer Option) 1.5 J/ cm2 500 x 500 µm 400 x 400 µm
Extended Field Size 

Beam Homogenizer Providing Controlled Beam Energy Uniformity over Larger Field Size;
Optimized for >2x system throughput in Lower-fluence Applications

Programmable Rectangular Variable Aperture

Enabling Continuously Adjustable Size of Rectangular Shaped Beams
Stage Options Air-bearing X-Y Stage Upgrade, Spindle Stage, Mask Positioner
Wavelength Conversion Kits Laser Wavelength Conversion (Requires IPG Service Engineer Support)
Optional Components

Beam Profilometers, Pulse-to-pulse Energy Monitor, System Logging Capabilities, Power Conditioning Units

IX-255 Datasheet