Multi-Laser Micromachining Workstation

IPG’s IX-280-ML is designed for R&D and advanced processing environments where machining versatility and precision are key requirements. Supporting up to two laser types in a single Class 1 workstation the IX-280-ML comprises part-handling stages, vision systems and control electronics, integrated with either one or two lasers. Each laser is equipped with its own beam delivery system appropriate for the application, with options including fixed focused beam, fixed shaped beam, scanning galvanometer and thermal cutting heads. Laser choices include wavelengths from 193 nm to 1070 nm, and pulse durations from picosecond to long-nanosecond and CW. With multiple beam delivery options for each type of laser, complementary beam configurations can be selected to provide the widest possible range of capabilities within a single workstation.


IX-280-ML Features

Two independent lasers and beam delivery systems for maximum process flexibility

Fiber-delivery and free-space lasers are supported

Precision vision and motion systems for accurate machining
Powerful and easy to use software supporting broad application mix
Fixed beam, Shaped Beam, Scanning Beam and Cutting/Welding head options
Process areas up to 300 x 300 mm


IX-280-ML, WxD, mm

1200 x 1000
49 x 40

Additional 900 mm (36 in.)

service access required on all sides

Laser Rack*, WxD, mm

810 x 560
32 x 22

Locate within 6 m (20 ft.) of the workstation

Chiller*, WxD, mm

50 x 370
20 x 15

Locate within 3 m (10 ft.) of laser

*Typical requirements; external laser rack and chiller may not be required in all cases.
Consult IPG for exact layout details of specific tool configurations.


Electrical Power, Workstation

208 V (3 phases, neutral, ground)

5.4 kVA

Electrical Power, Fiber Laser

200-240 V (Single phase)

14 A

Process Gas

Up to 3 gasses

2070 kPa (300 psi), 56 l/min. (120 SCFH)

BDS Purge Gas (UV Lasers) Dependent on laser model  
Laser Gas (UV MicroX Lasers only) Nitrogen 
Compressed Air Dry, Filtered <1 μm 25 kPa (7.5 Hg), 30 l/min. (1 cfm)
Vacuum May be required for part holding 25 kPa (7.5 Hg), 30 l/min. (1 cfm)
Workstation Ventilation 300-600 l/min (10-20 scfm)
Process Area Ventilation 300-1200 l/min (10-40 scfm),

5.5 kPa (1.62 in Hg)

Laser Configurations

  Cutting Head Fixed Beam  Galvanometer
Quasi-CW Yes Focused Shaped Yes
Nanosecond Pulsed   Yes Yes Yes
Picosecond Pulsed   Yes Yes Yes
UV-MicroX     Yes  

Workstation Parameters


Fully interlocked CDRH Class 1 system including weldment frame, granite latform with beam
delivery support, control electronics, pneumatics & motion and beam delivery systems

Work Envelope under Beam

Cutting Head:
Fixed Beam:



X: 300 mm (12 in.)
X: 300 mm (12 in.) Y: 300 mm (12 in.)
X: 300 mm (12 in.) Y: 300 mm (12 in.) with part rotation
X: 195 mm (7.6 in.) Y: 300 mm (12 in.) no part rotation
100 mm (4 in.)

Motion Platform

X, Y Stage:



Z-theta Stage:


Cutting Head Z-stage:


Linear Recirculating Ball Slides; Linear Motors and Encoders

Resolution: 100 nm Velocity: 750 mm/sec
Accuracy: ≤ ±5 μm Full Travel (≤ ±2 μm Optional)
Bidirectional Repeatability: 0.9 μm

Crossed Roller, Servo Driven
Resolution: Z: 500 nm, Theta 17.5 μrad
Travel: 10 mm
Accuracy: Z: 7 μm, Theta 500 μrad Full Travel

Bidirectional Repeatability: Z: ±3.5 μm, Theta ±50 μrad
Travel: 100 mm
Velocity: 12 mm/sec
Accuracy: 8 μm
Repeatability: ±3 μm

Cutting Head Focal point cutting and drilling, integrated on-target camera and gas jet assembly with replaceable cover slide; options include lens focal length and nozzle diameter
Fixed Objective Imaging, scribing and focal point processing. Integrated video microscope and inspectioncamera and on-target video camera. Sub-micron imaging objective options

Focal point processing. 24-bit resolution scanner with on-target video camera.
100 mm focal length lens supplied as standard (approx. 60x60 mm deflection field)
Max F-theta working distance 500 mm. Other lenses available upon request.

Controls/ Interface 15 in. touch screen video monitor, full-size keyboard and mouse on workstation mounted ergo arm. Chroma.NET proprietary E95 style graphical user interface and parallel processing software running on quad core processor
Process Gas

Electronically controlled pressure regulator for three process gasses up to 300 psi (2,070 kPa)
Third process gas control option.

Stage Enhancements

High performance X-Y and Z-Theta stages, stage mapping and correction,
lathe stage for parts up to 10 mm dia and custom-designed part holders

Galvanometer Temperature Control Closed-loop galvanometer temperature control for critical accuracy applications
UV Fixed Beam Delivery

Beam homogenizer option providing controlled beam energy uniformity over larger field
size, “line beam” for high-speed scribing, custom imaging designs

Alignment Automation

Functionality for automated part and beam-to-camera alignment,
automated vision illumination control and in-process positional adjustment

Beam Measurement & Formation

Power meters, beam profilometry, programmable apertures and attenuators,
pulse-to-pulse energy monitoring and data logging

Light Tower System status indicator with three light colors; each with off, solid or flashing conditions
Power Conditioners

Range of power conditioning units for voltage regulation and improved immunity to mainsborne

Gas Cabinets Gas delivery systems to maintain quality of ultra high purity laser gasses (UV MicroX only)
IX-280-ML Datasheet